1985 – Coke In A Plastic Can


The huge New Coke debacle is pretty widely known but there was another experiment in the soda game in 1985; plastic cans. Coca Cola toyed around with the idea and produced plastic cans for both New Coke and Coke Classic. They’re interesting to hold as they feel like plastic bottles but look like metal cans.


I’m not sure what reasons kept these from going into full production but Coke was really pushing for the idea. They even produced material to sell these to either their affiliated bottlers or perhaps stores and distributors. They touted the fact that the plastic cans were recyclable while also bringing up that the cost was nearly the same as metal cans.


Something about the plastic cans causes suction over time as can be seen above. Both cans appear to be caved in even though both are full. It’s odd but I’m sure there is some science behind it.


It was an odd idea that never seemed to catch on for some reason but they are interesting and deserve to be remembered right alongside the New Coke recipe change from earlier in the same year. Anybody remember drinking from plastic cans?


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