1991- Nabisco Royal Ooze


It seems like TMNT is one of those brands that can last through several generations of kids. They’re still going pretty strong today and have only had a small downtime since their debut several decades ago. The turtles have been used to sell some really crazy things and I recently came across a random one that deserves a quick look; Nabisco Royal Ooze.


There isn’t much that needs to be said about Royal Ooze. Royal pudding and gelatin was Nabisco’s take on               Jell-O products so you can pretty much guess what this is, just another company’s version of Lime Jell-O. There’s nothing special about that until you add the Ninja Turtles and call it Ooze.


I always preferred pudding but my 11 year old self would have happily eaten this just because it was pitched by Raphael and given an appropriate name, Ooze. You can’t have a better name for gelatin, especially lime flavored gelatin. Nabisco did produce other flavors of Ooze but lime green seems like the perfect fit to me.

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