5 Questions With Henry Rollins.


You probably know Henry Rollins as the front man for Black Flag, and the Rollins Band. What you may not know is that Henry is also an accomplished writer, journalist, actor, and radio host. Henry has appeared in such movies as “Lost Highway” and “Heat”, had a recurring role on the Television series “Sons of Anarchy”, and even won a Grammy for the audio book version of his biography, “Get in the Van”. In addition to music, movies, and books, Henry has also hosted many charity events, and done seven tours with the USO.


Despite Henry’s hectic schedule, he agreed to answer a few questions for me.

Q: If you could pick one skill that you possess that has served you best in life, what would it be?

A: Tenacity.
Sometimes, you just have to tough it out. Many people can’t stick to a
task. Those who can, often get somewhere.

 Q: What inspires you?

A: The strength, bravery and sacrifice of others. My own anger.



Henry and I at the Andersen Air Force Base dining facility, 2003.



Q: You have done a lot of work with the USO, what inspired you get involved with the organization?

A: I don’t like war but I like the soldiers, so it seemed like a place I could do some good.

Q: If you could teach the 20 somethings of today one lesson, or get across just one message what would it be?

A: You have to be open minded and brave. Weakness,
ie racism, homophobia, is exactly that–weakness. Don’t fall for it and
don’t abuse yourself.

Q: Any advice for struggling artists / creators?

A: It’s better than flipping burgers, stay with it.


Henry Rollins has a weekly recurring radio show on KCRW  and will be touring  starting October 17th.


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