A Quick Note About Tomorrow’s Drop



Tomorrow night at 9pm EST the store will be going live.  I have run several tests of the store since we implemented it on the site a few months ago… that being said you can never really fully test for something like this. I don’t anticipate any major problems, but at the same time it would be foolish on my part to think there will not be a hiccup or two. This is the first major sale here so if you have any kind of problem please contact me with any issue Keep Reading for more details.


I do know from testing that once you put something in your cart it will be in your cart and not in the store, so once you put something in there don’t worry about it selling out if you take too long. Also remember that any orders in the first week (4/20-4/27) are eligible to have a random “pile of loot” edition Slime single figure. Thank you in advance for being a part of this special time for DoomKick, and once again if you have any problems please contact me.


If you are new to the party and want to get the full lowdown on Slimes check the Full Drop Details to see everything available. If you want to see some awesome pictures of Slimes check out the great coverage on these sites.




Hoard World

Toys R Evil Part 1

Toys R Evil Part 2 

Toys R Evil Part 3


Fresh Monkey Fiction Interview with me 

And a huge thanks to these guys for helping me spread the word with their excellent coverage, and for getting it all out there before the drop! Also a big thanks to all the people who have expressed interest in these figures, and anyone who shared a link to the Slimes on their site or blog. You guys rock!


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