Artist Spotlight – Capybara Ink.


I like to occasionally point you guys in the direction of an independent toymaker or artist that catches my eye. There’s some really great stuff out there by some of these creators and artists that is really worth seeing. Today I want to show you guys some of the great stuff from Capybara Ink. I personally own two great pieces from Capybara and I love them.


You can find Capybara Ink. on Facebook and check out many more images than I’m going to be showing here. It’s all good stuff. The Robocop in the first image is my favorite and I also really dig this Adam West Batman that is straight out of the movie.


One of Capybara’s specialties is puzzle art using four or more images that when put together make up one awesome piece of work. This Optimus Prime is only one great example of the work Capybara Ink is capable of producing.


Another one of my favorites is the Real Ghostbusters pieces. The cartoon Ghostbusters have plenty of fans but they don’t get enough love in my opinion and I’m glad to see how well Capaybara represented the team.


Hit Capybara Ink. up if you have an idea of a commission or if you see anything you like on the Facebook. I’ve picked up two Boba Fett pieces that I absolutely love and I hope to get some more Capybara art in the future.


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