Banimon Red Army Men & Apocalypse Guard Banigoth Review

Banimon is a totally awesome comic book from Boston based artist Boris Savic, having a few friends in common I had a chance to meet and talk to Boris at Boston Comic Con earlier in the year. Boris is a great dude and his style is incredible and fun. The Banimon comic is truly a great read, and if you are looking for a new comic to get into I suggest you check it out. Having dabbled in the toy waters with his Getto Rocket game sets Boris is now entering the toy world fully with his first production action figures, the Red Army Men (“Cannonmeat”) and Apocalypse Guard Banigoth. Boris was nice enough to let me get a few of these guys early to show to all of you. Let’s take a look at the new Banimon figures.

* The small size of these guys made lighting the pictures a little tough so a few of them are a little darker than I would like.

These figures are really cool, they use the Glyos system pegs which allow you to build with them and combine their parts to make awesome weapons and things. The short stature of these guys hides a lot of coolness, each figure is made up of 15 different parts which includes the two heads (and third hidden on the backpack) a sword, guns, and a few single flush pegs. The guns are of note for being nicely detailed and looking like guns which is something that I am sure the Glyos building community will run with and make some really cool stuff. The parts all have multiple uses from making cool weapons to back packs and other stuff. The Banimon blog has a neat little schematic you can look at with some great weapon designs. The only real difference between the two figures available is the color scheme, one is a nice army green that matches up perfectly with the recent Onell army green Glyos stuff, and the other is a very cool black and red that also matches up with the old Apocalypse Buildmen  that Boris released early last year in conjunction with Onell designs Matt Doughty. I really like that each figure comes with all the parts that are in the mold of the figure, this means that if you can only get one color you still can have each set up. Which one of these you buy really depends on which color scheme you prefer, if asked to choose one I would be hard pressed to decide on which scheme I like better as they both look great. These figures stand great on their own, but if you combine these parts with some Glyos parts you can make some killer stuff. For the low price of $7 each these guys are well worth it for how cool they are. They come in a bag that can be re sealed with header cards featuring some awesome artwork.

Paint on my figures was spot on and looks great, most of the figure is molded in its color with only the detail lines and faces being painted. The star and the rocket on the respective helmets is a nice clean tampo that looks great. I didn’t notice any QC issues with any of the 4 figures I got, and I don’t expect any on the rest of the figures shipping out either. These guys look clean and nice all around.


Being that each piece is a part that can be used for building means these figures don’t really come with accessories, but the guns and sword do count in the traditional accessory front. The guns (as mentioned before) are great, with nice details and the ability to make a variety of different looking guns with the various parts from rifles to sub machine guns to crazy out of this world weapons. The Swords are made of a soft material allowing them to bend instead of break, which when you are pulling pegs out and swapping parts is a huge benefit. The softness does mean that it can end up bent, but with a little bending you can get them straight as an arrow with ease. For figures that are jam packed with so much detail the solid paint work is made more impressive, even the handle of the sword has some neat details. The detail of all the parts really astounds me on such small toys.

Using the Glyos peg system means that any place there is a peg is a swivel joint, for such small figures these guys are pretty fun to pose and you can accomplish a variety of fun poses with them.

Overall I really love these guys, and with the upcoming Weaponeers of Monkaa figures the Glyos universe has become a lot more diverse in the scope of its parts. The great design and look of these figures makes them really stand out on the shelf, and they are fun to play with all things that make for a great toy. The Banimon figures will be available this Thursday night September 27th at 9pm EST here for $7 each do yourself a favor and pick some up, you wont be disappointed. This is actually my last review for this week, as you read this I will be in ultra work mode getting everything ready for “The Power Of Grayskull Week”. Oh and one last thing, these figures have a hidden fit that I have not shown here so as to not ruin the surprise, chew on that for a bit.


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