Banimon T-011 Tank And New Banimon Figures Review

Banimon Tank 1

Strap in because the awesome Rocket North is prepping a new Banimon drop for Sunday August 24 at 7 PM EST. (when I last spoke to Boris he wasn’t 100% on the drop time so check the Banimon Blog for details to pop up this weekend, but it should be around 7)This drop features some cool new Banimon figures in some great colors, but not only figures this time we get the first release of the T-011 Vinyl Tank vehicle. I saw this thing at NYCC last year, and at SRGM earlier this year. I have eagerly been awaiting its arrival in full production, and pretty much every time I spoke to Boris all I could ask was “when are we getting the tank?” Well the day is nearly upon us for this awesome piece to drop. Let’s take a look at the newest Banimon offerings. 

Banimon Tank 2

After the ceasefire on Havvacor, a number of Banigoth veterans decided that they preferred to stick around, and offer their services to the highest bidder. As fates would have it, the highest bidder was The Directory, in need of every able-bodied warrior available for the rapidly growing New Havvacor military machine. To mark their independence from the rest of the Banigoth Horde, these mercs have adopted the Team Rejection Rocket as their symbol. Marked by theBanigoth High Command as deserters to be shot on sight, these mercs will fight to death rather than fall into the hands of their former comarades.


Banimon Tank 10


Once the last line of defence against overwhelming Banigoth forces, the Havvacor Defence Front wields a considerable political influence on Havvacor after the termination of hostilities. HDF formed the core around which the army of the New Havvacor has been built. Hardened veterans, they are armed with the best arsenal available on the black market, and hungry for more war. If that means trampling a few ideological values, these old revolutionaries are ok with that.



Banimon Tank 26

I’m gonna start off with the figures. I have reviewed the Banimon figures before, but this time not only do we get a new tampo and some new colors we also get some neat new builds to go along with the story. Also a cool back flag that looks great. The yellow/gun metal/red works great on these little guys, and the new builds are a fun and exciting way to spice up the figures. You can also make these builds yourself with your existing Banimon figures if you wish, and the figures will come with all the normal parts if you want to be a purist with your figures. Boris has killed it every time with his color selections, and this new drop is no exception. I love these little guys, but the real showstopper this time around is the T-011 tank made in vinyl. This thing looks very very visually stimulating with its cross swords tampo, and the various stickers as well. There is a few things about this that really make it stand out in my mind. First off is the modular design which actually allows the tank to be several different vehicles all at once. You can choose to have it in default tank mode or take the top of, and you can even use the base as its own vehicle too. Plus there is some combinations with other Glyos vinyl hidden in the design too,but I’ll let you figure most of those out yourself… The other thing is there are several Glyos female ports scattered around the tank that you can plug into. Yeah thats right you can build this bad boy up with all kinds of crazy contraptions using Banimon parts or any other Glyos parts you may have lying around. The tank itself has a super clean look like the rest of the Banimon stuff does which makes it look really good while also making it stand out from the other toys on the shelf. This thing is incredible, and I can’t wait to see what other sweet colors we are going to see it in.

Banimon Tank 25


Banimon Tank 4


Banimon Tank 7

QC as is the standard with Glyos compatible stuff is top notch, and I cannot find one single issue with my tank at all. the stickers are all evenly applied, and the painted areas all look great on the tank. The figures also have no issues on them…not that I expected any.

Banimon Tank 13


Banimon Tank 15


Banimon Tank 19



Banimon Tank 20

Overall this is another stellar release of figures from Rocket North, and the Tank is a huge leap forward for the line, and is also a totally awesome piece on its own. Again the Banimon drop is Sunday August 24th at 7PM EST. Get yours before they are gone! I took a TON of pics for this review so please check out the gallery below.

Banimon Tank 22




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5 thoughts on “Banimon T-011 Tank And New Banimon Figures Review

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    August 24, 2014 at 9:56 pm

    Argh! Missed the tank. I didn’t realize that I had to hit the refresh button after getting to the store, I just thought the release was pushed back a little.

    • avatar
      August 25, 2014 at 11:40 am

      arrghhg that sucks…least there will be more

      • avatar
        August 25, 2014 at 3:28 pm

        Oh yeah, absolutely. My “Argh!” was just for dramatic effect. I’m not really that torn up about it because I’ll get the next one. I am excited for Boris that these sold so well!

        • avatar
          August 26, 2014 at 2:16 pm

          yeah me too


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