Beast Raider: Savage Warrior Warr and Big Blast by Chap Mei Toys


Chap Mei is one of those lines that really deserves more attention than it gets and I am back again to shine the spotlight on another really cool toy from this mysterious toy company. It really is hard to find much information on Chap Mei toys, especially the older lines like this Beast Raider: Savage Warrior toy. This was a line that had to have been heavily influenced by Masters of the Universe and was out about the same time as the 200X MOTU revival.

warrbigblast2The Beast Raider line had several mounted beasts that the figures came with and each figure also came single carded. The weapons and accessories were always different from the single figures to larger sets and could even be different in multi-packs that came with several figures so it could be frustrating for someone who feels like each figure should have an official set of accessories. Nonetheless if you can get past small details like that then Chap Mei toys are really fun to collect.


The ogre like figure in this set is named Warr and is not much different in style than the newer Chap Mei True Legends fantasy figures available these days at Toys R Us. He is loaded with detail but lacking in paint apps. Also like almost all Chap Mei figures he has the standard 5 points of articulation with the old school swivels at the head, shoulders and hips.



Big Blast is the name of the beast in this set. Chap Mei doesn’t always pack the same figure with the same mount and they are famous for repaints as well so it is possible you could find another figure packed with Big Blast and you could probably even find Big Blast in another Chap Mei line altogether.


Big Blast is fully armed with two guns (or missiles?) on each wing as well as a bomb ready to be dropped from his chest. There is some articulation on Big Blast as well with swivel hips and some nicely articulated wings. There is also a swivel at the neck but the range isn’t very far due to the reigns. The top of the head is a separate piece giving the appearance of an articulated jaw but if that is the case mine is fused in place and I didn’t want to push it to the point of breaking.

warrbigblast6There is some nice paint on Big Blast’s skin and the larger bits of armor but the smaller details could use some paint to stand out. The paint apps on a Chap Mei toy are similar to the paint apps on a classic Playmates TMNT figure.


The above pic shows Warr alongside one of the new Chap Mei True Legends Orcs and you can see the styles are similar enough that they can go together easily in a fantasy display. The same goes for most of Chap Mei’s lines from pirates to knights to monsters, they all look well together.



I can’t be sure how much Warr and Big Blast set me back since it has been about a decade since I picked him up and the older Chap Mei toys can be a little hard to find but I would imagine this set was probably around $6 to $7 which was an excellent price. Chap Mei produces some of the best toy bang for your buck and they have  awesome toys. The picture above shows Warr and Big Blast side by side with the Dino Riders Pteranodon (also reviewed here on Doom Kick!) and you can see how the Chap Mei toy is pretty close to scale with the Dino Riders toy but the design is so much different that sadly they don’t mesh very well. On their own though Chap Mei toys are excellent and it is easy to afford a huge collection if you can find them.

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