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Last week the folks at Box O Zombies contacted me on the DoomKick Twitter about reviewing their small plastic Zombie figures, a few days later a box was at my door filled with tiny undead. These little guys and gals are pretty darn cool, so lets take a look at Box O Zombies.

Box O Zombies come in a box adorned with some beautifully ugly artwork of zombies on the sides, the artwork is really good and it makes you want to keep the box around. Inside the box is 3 plastic trays with 2 zombies in each. This method of packaging is great because it ensures that you will receive your zombies undamaged and in great condition. Box O Zombies is available in 2 different colors, Sickly Slime Green or Puke Purple. I really like the green a lot, but the purple shows off the highly detailed (incredible) sculpts a little better. One of the great features is these guys all have bases which is awesome because that means they wont fall over every other second like some of those other small plastic zombies available elsewhere, a huge plus in my book as no one likes having to pick their toys up off the floor everyday. As these guys are all molded in the color they are and don’t have articulation or accessories so I’m going to give you a rundown of each figure individually, keep in mind the names I am using here are just what I am calling each figure not their official names.

The Classic male:
This is your standard shambling male undead, he is missing one of his arms and has a great zombie look on his face. He also has a ripped pant leg and you can see his toes sticking out of one of his shoes. I really like the small nub of bone sticking out of his arm stump.

The Lunch lady:
My favorite of the bunch, you can see rips in her clothes and her guts poking through her apron. She also has a ladle to spoon out a big heaping helping of Salisbury brains to all the undead school kids. Another great zombie face on this figure as well.

The Crawler:
It wouldn’t be a zombie invasion without some undead crawling slowly towards you with their arms outstretched in your direction just itching to eat your brains. The face on this guy has a ton of detail packed in, you can see the hole in his mouth and gash in his head. Much like the classic male I really like the nub of bone on his missing leg.

The Hello Undead Nurse:
From the tiny syringe her tore up face this nurse is going to make you never want to get a shot again. I really like that you can see the line of where her thigh high stocking end and her rotting legs begin and the rips in her uniform.

The dead Emo kid:

The hood and his hair along with the super tight pants make me think this is an undead Emo fan. The pose he is in is great , like you surprised him while he was listening to his fall out boy records trying to get his shambling legs to remember how to dance again or maybe write terrible poetry about his ex girlfriend, whose brains he ate.

The Schoolgirl of the Dead:
The face on this figure is great! She is missing her lower jaw and her tongue just hangs out. She is reaching out for your brains or maybe for her hello kitty handbag. Again the sculpted lines of her knee highs and the rips in her clothes really help sell the look.

I cant stress enough how great these sculpts are. It surprises me the amount of details they managed to cram into such tiny figures and every one of these zombies looks unique and really great….well as great as someone who is dead brought back to life can look. They are also ready to be painted if you are so inclined. I imagine that some of the great toy painters out there could work wonders with these guys.

If you are interested in Box O Zombies you can buy them at their website for $14.99 any day but if you act quick they are having a sale until the end of may where you can get a set for $9.95, so if you want them go and get them now!

Overall I really like these small plastic zombies quite a bit, the colors available and the amazing sculpts really work well and help sell the creeping undead vibe. If you are a fan of zombies these guys should be right up your ally or if you are just looking for someone for your army men to fight these guys fit the bill any day.

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