Bugs Bunny & Pals Tropical Punch Drink Mix – 1985


I spent years thinking I was imagining a Bugs Bunny drink mix from my childhood. I never saw it mentioned anywhere and I hadn’t been able to turn up any useful info on it from the internet except for the fact that Bugs was on Kool-Aid packets in the 50’s-60’s. This had become something I assumed my mind made up until one day I accidentally came across an opened yet full box. Does anybody else remember this stuff?IMG_2994

Coming in a packet containing over twice the mix as a Kool-Aid packet, Bugs Bunny & Pals seemed like it would make much more but it still made the standard 2 Quarts. This stuff was also sweetened with Nutrasweet which I’m sure gives you cancer but who really cares about that when artificially flavored fruit punch from 1985 is on the line?


There’s a sticker sheet inside the box and the idea is to put the stickers in the scene on the back but for the life of me I can’t get that sheet out. I don’t know if it’s purposefully glued in there or if time has just cemented that sucker to the cardboard but it started ripping so I gave up trying.


Alright, now it’s taste bud time. Yeah, I’m aware it isn’t really Kool-Aid but it just seemed fitting to put it in the Kool-Aid pitcher I’ve had since I was a kid and serve it to myself on an old Return of the Jedi TV tray…


…and to put it in the perfect glass! Unfortunately I broke the perfect glass as I was making the stuff so I settled for the second place perfect glass. Want to know which glass I broke? One of those old Pizza Hut Care Bears glasses. Oh well, Handy Smurf stepped up and saved the day,


As far as taste it wasn’t disgusting. It wasn’t great either. It had a weird aftertaste and I’m not sure if that’s due to it being almost 30 years old or if it’s a side effect of cancer causing Nutrasweet. I love Kool-Aid and while I didn’t throw up I just couldn’t finish the glass. Taste must be better left to memory. Still, I’m pretty happy to have found this stuff and that box is going nowhere. I’m keeping it around to prove to myself that I wasn’t crazy and making up an imaginary Kool-Aid competitor.



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