Burger King Kids Club


I don’t see much these days from Burger King drawing kids in to their kid’s meals. I don’t know if they just opt not to advertise to kids any longer or if by sheer happenstance I’m just not seeing it. I’ve got kids and they watch kid’s shows which Burger King could be advertising on but apparently they don’t. This means when we run out for some fast food we never really think of Burger King. That was different in my childhood. The Burger King Kids Club drew me in time and time again. Remember the BK Kids Club?


The Kids Club had been around before and featured characters to rival McDonaldland’s Ronald, Mayor McCheese and the others from the land of the Golden Arches. The Kids Club changed in 1989 and introduced us to the Burger King Kids Club Gang.


The members of the gang were made up of various ethnic groups and liked everything stereotypical about the 90’s. There was a video gamer, an artist, a tomboy who loved sports and the smart kid who loved science. There was even a wheelchair bound boy named Wheels. Burger King had somebody in the gang for everybody to relate to.


The BK Kids Club Gang had their own comic book and would even send out a coupon for a free Kids Meal on your birthday every year.


The Kids Meal toys in the days of the BK Kids Club were pretty top notch as well. Sure, there’s always the dud every now and then but all you have to do is know that they had the Ninja Turtles in their glory days. The TMNT were absolutely HUGE in the early 90’s and Burger King had everything from videos of the original cartoon to toys in their Kids Meals.


I don’t know why Burger King doesn’t lay it on with heavy advertising to kids these days. Maybe it’s the backlash from idiots who blame fast food for fat kids. I always thought it was great to get a Happy Meal or Kids Meal as a kid. It was a treat, I didn’t get it every single day so that made it even cooler. Unfortunately things like the BK Kids Club seem to have gone away with the times. There’s always hope we will see Kid Vid and his gang again.
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