Burger King Kid’s Meal, The Adventures of Alf – 1988


I’ve recently been on a fast food kick and I wasn’t planning on continuing with that theme just yet but this Burger King Kid’s Meal box showed up on my doorstep and I thought it would fit right in since I just covered an old McDonald’s Happy Meal box. This box features the Adventures of Alf on Melmac. Alf was a huge deal for a brief time in the 80’s with his own live action show and cartoon. Burger King promoted both but this box is specifically geared towards the animated series showing Alf on his homeworld of Melmac. Ready for a closer look?


Like all good, classic Kid’s Meal boxes, this one is covered in puzzles and games and jokes. They may be corny but that just adds to the charm.


The box will even teach you how to make Melmacaroon Cups if only you could decipher exactly what the alien ingredients are.


Apparently bowling on Melmac is quite backwards.


I’ve looked at a few fast food items recently. At this rate it could turn into a new Doom Kick trend!

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