Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Quetzalcoatlus vs Dino Riders Pterodactyl


If you have kept up with things here at DK for a while then you know that one of my favorite toylines is Dino Riders. I’ve covered several here already (with more to come!) but this time I want to compare a Dino Riders dinosaur and a related product from Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. C&D was another Tyco toyline that used some of the same dinosaur molds as Dino Riders and added new armor and weapons. Let’s see how they compare.


I don’t know much about Cadillacs and Dinosaurs but the main thing I needed to know was that Tyco took four of the Dino Riders dinosaurs and repurposed them into the C&D toyline. The first one I have picked up is Zeke the Quetzalcoatlus. The same mold was used in the Dino Riders line as the Pterodactyl.


The first thing I noticed about the C&D Quetzalcoatlus is that it was carded whereas the Dino Riders dinos were all boxed. Zeke looks fine on the card as opposed to being boxed. He doesn’t come with a figure like all the Dino Riders toys did so being carded is fine. It didn’t really matter in the end because I was going to be opening him up to get a better look anyway.


The Dino Riders Pterodactyl came with Llahd and was used as a hang glider. There were two rockets/bombs attached to the hang glider bars and though it is one of the smaller toys in the Dino Riders line it is a pretty cool looking dino.


The Cadillacs and Dinosaurs version is a messenger with a backpack and two log bombs that can be dropped from the sky. There is also a brain box similar to those used by the evil Rulons in Dino Riders and though I don’t know if the dinosaurs from C&D are good or evil I am putting my C&D Zeke in with my Rulons due to the brain box..


The armor/weapons on the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs dinos was much less impressive than their Dino Riders counterparts but they do add a little more variety to the Dino Riders so I don’t mind adding them in. You have to imagine that the Valorians and Rulons from Dino Riders couldn’t make every dinosaur completely awesome, they had to have a few that received some lesser weapons.


The dinosaurs themselves are the same sculpt but the Dino Riders version has a little more brown in its paint job while the Cadillacs & Dinosaurs version is a little more green. That’s really the only difference and the armor is actually interchangeable because the hole for the hang glider’s peg was left intact on the Cadillacs & Dinosaurs version. Actually with a little gray paint the two could be combined into an even better hang glider for Llahd.


The Cadillacs are Dinosaurs dinos go for much less than their Dino Riders brethren but they are a nice addition and add a little variety when you are ready for something new.



In the end I think I like how the C&D Quetzalcoatlus sits on the back of the Dino Riders T-Rex. I believe a little gray paint on the backpack, some purple on the brain box and maybe some red paint on the logs will really help him feel like a part of the Rulon army.

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