Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Triceratops vs Dino Riders Triceratops


I’ve talked about Cadillacs and Dinosaurs before but for those who may have missed it, C&D was a Tyco toyline that reused a few Dino Riders dino molds. Tyco fitted the dinosaurs with different weapons & armor and stamped the C&D logo on the package for a quick and easy new toy. They may not be named Dino Riders but they do fit in fairly well so I mix them right in. Ready to look at the Triceratops and check out the differences?


The triceratops at its base is the very same, almost. Tyco did remove the walking feature so the C&D Triceratops is lighter and a bit cheaper feeling. The paint is a little different as well but it’s nothing majorly noticeable.


The harness for the C&D Triceratops is much simper than the Dino Riders version. The attachments for all the dinosaurs in Cadillacs and Dinosaurs were not nearly as cool or complex as the DR versions. The Triceratops has a catapult and boulder as well as a brain box which means this guy ends up with my Dino Riders Rulons.


I have to imagine that the Rulons couldn’t use all their best technology for every dinosaur so some would get more modest weaponry. With that idea in mind I think the C&D dinos fit right in with their Dino Riders cousins. One day I may even get some gray and purple paint and make the harness look a little more Dino Riders-like. A spare seat could easily be glued to one side and a laser gun can be added to the other making this Triceratops even more a part of the Rulon army.

trivs5Tyco must have really been proud of the work they did on their Dino Riders dinosaurs as they used them for three toylines; Dino Riders, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, and the Smithsonian Collection toylines.


If they had put a little more effort into the dinos from C&D then they might have rivaled the Dino Riders. As it is, however, DR definitely reigns supreme.


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