Chocapic – The Shipping Box Cereal


Most of the Dino Riders items I buy these days come from outside the US. Some of the later Dino Riders toys had a very limited release inside America but saw a much broader run in Europe. I recently had a package from France that was shipped in a very interesting box; a Chocopic Cereal box!



In all fairness, it worked. The item, a soft pencil bag, isn’t very fragile and arrived in perfect shape. I’m actually not complaining about the choice of box, I totally love it! I definitely would have been unhappy if it were something breakable but it worked just fine this time and gave me a look at Chocopic Cereal. I love cereal boxes and this makes my first in hand experience with foreign cereal. I just wish there was still a little cereal in the box. Maybe now I’ll order some Chocapic to try. Let’s just hope it comes in a real box.


2 thoughts on “Chocapic – The Shipping Box Cereal

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    May 24, 2016 at 9:58 am

    *Chocopic cereal you order comes in a jumbo lucky charms box.


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