Classic Newspaper Ads

Lawrence Journal-World Oct 2, 1994
Lawrence Journal-World Oct 2, 1994

My brain is fried but I want to keep the old wheels turning here at Doom Kick so I thought I’d dig up some great old newspaper ads from the Google News ArchivesPhilip Reed over at first pointed me in the direction of the archives and I’ve found them to be an endless supply of great information. Let’s see what I dug up.

Daytona Beach Journal - Aug 7, 1978
Daytona Beach Journal – Aug 7, 1978

Star Wars figures for $1.77! Wow, that seems like insanity. I love looking at the old line drawn art in the newspapers ads. It brings back memories of looking through the Sunday paper as a kid to see all the stuff I wished I could run out and buy.

The Spokesman-Review – Nov 4, 1990

NES, MasterSystem, Genesis! Need I say more? How about those great classic TV’s?

The Spokesman-Review – Dec 12, 1990ly

I’ve saved my favorite for last. It doesn’t get much more 90’s than this; Tiger hand-helds, New Kids on the Block, TMNT! Those all scream out from my memory and need not be ever forgotten. $4.99 for Ninja Turtles seems like a pretty good deal but I can’t believe we paid 20 bucks for those Tiger video games. Those were wonderfully horrible!

There’s so much great stuff you can find through the Google News ArchivesIt’s a crazy rabbit hole where you can start out looking for one specific thing and end up learning about ten new things before you even realize it. It’s also a great flashback to days gone by and looking up old ads has become a favorite personal time waster. I highly recommend you give the archives a search.



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