Coca Cola Blak – 2006


It’s hard to think of something that came out in 2006 as a throwback but we’re closing in on 2016 very soon. That makes this bottle of Coca Cola Blak almost 10 years old. It’s crazy to think that it’s been a decade since this almost unknown little potion hit shelves. Do you remember Coke Blak? Want to check it out some more?


There really isn’t much to say about Coke Blak. It’s described as a carbonated fusion beverage which I suppose means it’s coffee and Coke. I love the smell of coffee but I’m not a big fan of the taste so I wasn’t a fan of Coca Cola Blak the one time I tried it but I do like holding on to insignificant pieces of history so I kept an unopened bottle.


While I didn’t like Coca Cola Blak I have to admit that it came in a really awesome looking bottle. It stands out amid a sea of sodas and energy drinks.


What else is there to say about this interesting footnote in the history of Coca Cola? It’s no New Coke and it’s doubtful to ever get the backing that Surge had but it’s one of those cool little things to look back upon when remembering the weird mistakes and marketing fails of our lifetime.

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