Coming Soon To the DK Store: The Exciting World Of Jalldoon Slimes Wave 2


Friday Feb 28th at 9pm EST I will be dropping Wave 2 of my Slimes figures in the DK store. Read on for the full drop details.

Slimes Wave 2 5

This drop will consist of a few products, but supplies will be much more limited compared to last time .  Available in this drop will be…

Full sets  for $20 each: Each full set includes all 4 new figures for Wave 2, and will be available in 4 different color ways. The colors are Liars Blue (inspired by the classic MOTU character Faker), Glowberry (classic green glow in the dark), Forged Glowberry (silver with blue glow in the dark), and Confetti (clear with colored bits inside). Note to International Customers :due to massive variance in shipping, and the large fee of Flat Rate shipping I won’t be offering International shipping in the store , but I have pulled some product aside for you guys. So if you live outside the USA leave a comment below ASAP showing your interest, and I will send a message via the email address you used to comment with.  Sorry for any issue this causes for International fans, but I’m only trying to get you the cheapest shipping possible.

Slimes Wave 2 4





Slimes Wave 2 3




Slimes Wave 2 2



King Valdar grab bag singles for $5 each:

Squishy is the Slime that wears the crown.The Grand King of all Slimes is the latest in the royal line of kings going all the way back to the first slime to spawn from the elemental dust that is the father of all Slimes. For years, ruling Slimedom was an easy job for any king, but after the “birth” of Master Boshak, and the disappearance of his wife early in the current king’s reign the job became fraught with peril. Fortunately for good Slimes everywhere, King Valdar is fully capable of dealing with threats both inside and from outside the world of Slimes, and has done a wonderful job keeping his subjects safe from the despots currently terrorizing the land. (note picture is but a small selection of the colors available)

Slimes Wave 2 6


Princess Ikari grab bag singles for $5:

Born shortly before the Queen vanished, Princess Ikari grew up never knowing her mother. After his wife’s disappearance the King became very protective of his young daughter, and kept a very close eye on the Princess. While her older brother Algor was free to adventure through the world of Jalldoon as he pleased, she was stuck in the Palace surrounded by body guards with barely a minute to herself. It is a tough life for any girl, but especially one who looked up to her older Brother’s adventuring ways. This all changed when accompanying her father on diplomatic trip to the human city of Karnok their carriage was overwhelmed by bandits, looking to steal the gifts of emeralds the Slimes had brought for Emperor Loa Che the bandits made short work of the Kings entourage. With men wishing to do her farther harm the Princess sprang into action taking the form (a trick she learned from her brother) of a giant man eating Vineosaur, and saved the lives of the King and his men. Having proved she was more than capable of protecting herself, the King allowed Ikari the freedom to roam she so desired. Since that day she has joined Algor on many adventures, and had more than a fair share of her own. (note picture is but a small selection of the colors available)

Slimes Wave 2 9


Delgon grab bag singles for $5:

Delgon Shan joined Master Boshak’s army shortly after his brother was converted. Being big, strong, and of average intelligence Delgon wasn’t much use for anything besides  basic grunt work and heavy lifting, but that all changed when Boshak and Baron Draktholm joined forces to take over all of Jalldoon. Delgon was sent to the Baron’s labs where the evil lord’s scientists conducted vile experiments, and was eventually infected with the any number of diseases. Pockmarked and scarred when he left the labs, Delgon took his anger out on one of Boshak’s evil Slime guard that was passing by. The guard fell back against the wall and gasped as his body was covered in bumps and boils, but the real treat came when Delgon realized he could now telepathically control the guard. After Boshak found out about these abilities he immediately put Delgon on his main attack force.  Since then Delgon has been infecting unfortunate innocent Slimes to add to his masters ranks. (note picture is but a small selection of the colors available)

Slimes Wave 2 7


General Skale grab bag singles for $5:

Most Slimes in Master Boshak’s army are there because he used his evil powers to “convert” them, but not Skale…He was just plain evil from birth. Boshak first met Skale when he was hanging in a gibbet on the side of the road; Boshak asked what his crimes were to which Skale replied “everything and anything”.  Boshak freed Skale from his prison, and in a short time Skale’s ruthless nature brought him to lead Boshak’s forces in the field. His brutal fighting style and his ability to instill fear has lead to him taking command of not only the evil Slimes, but also Baron Draktholme’s forces into battle. Skale is the basis of many people’s nightmares, and with good reason. (note picture is but a small selection of the colors available)

Slimes Wave 2 8


Wild Cave Slimes grab bag remnant editions for $15:  The wild barely intelligent beasts that roam the caves of Jalldoon in great numbers. The Wild Cave Slimes will absorb anything they come across which leads to their massive size. After thousands of years of living in the dark caves of the planet they have adapted to grow many large eyes to see in the pitch black environment. (these large scale figures are normally $20, but since these are made with left over resin from other pours I have dropped them to $15, and the picture is but a small selection of the colors available)

Slimes Wave 2 1


War Slimes minis 2 pack grab bag for $4: As the planet is enveloped in Boshak and Baron Draktholme’s war of terror even peaceful citizens of the Slime kingdom prepare for war. (note picture is but a small selection of the colors available)

Slimes Wave 2 10


Also all orders will receive a FREE Squish Face Lizard head (while supplies last…though I do have more than pictured)

Slimes Wave 2 11


So Join us next Friday (Feb 28th) at 9pm EST to order your own Slimes. As I said before supplies are limited so get yours before they are gone. Also check out a review of Slimes Wave 2 over at the Fwoosh.  Or the excellent review on


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