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The slime is almost here! Next Friday October 30th at 8pm EST in the store the full lineup of the TEWOJ figures will be dropping. I’ve got 5 single FULL PRODUCTION Prince Algor Variants and a two pack of new characters available. These guys are super limited run so get in on them while you can because once they’re gone they won’t be back. Read on for all the details and bios.



Coming soon from Rampageo Industries “The Exciting World Of Jalldoon” Wave 1 figures!

After a successful launch of the full production Prince Algor figure in the Realm of the Underworld Slimed Drones Assortment 2  Rampgeo Industries will be releasing a full wave of figures on the store at Doomkick . The first wave assortment features 5 Variants of Prince Algor, as well as a double pack of two new characters! The sale will be Friday October 30th at 8PM EST in the Ri Shop

The numbers on these figures is VERY limited run so supplies will be scarce.

The full list of figures for sale is as follows…

Samedi’s Shadow Prince Algor (translucent clear figure with glow in the dark paint apps)

Spirit Stride Prince Algor ( translucent clear figure with translucent green accessories)

Dungeon Demon Prince Algor (translucent red figure with translucent purple accessories)

Slime City Prince Algor (translucent green figure with translucent purple accessories)

Karnok Arena Prince Algor (translucent yellow figure with translucent red accessories)

Molotok and Kotolom Evil Clones of Prince Algor (two pack of Translucent red and yellow figures with translucent red and yellow accessories, and paint paint apps)

All figures come in mailer boxes. The price of single figures is $30, and the price of the two pack is $55 (USD plus shipping)


Also available is small amount of left over Purple ROTU Prince Algors in the awesome Slimed Drones Box also for $30 (USD plus shipping)



There will also be single Slimes on sale for $3 each, and a multi pack of 5 Slimes (red,green,yellow,smoke,and clear) for $12 (USD plus shipping)



The sale goes live Friday 10/30/15  at 8pm EST on the Ri Store , and if you’d like to know more about The Exciting World Of Jalldoon check out the Facebook page  to stay up date on releases, and learn all about the story of TEWOJ.



Samedi’s Shadow Prince Algor 

While under the Acromancer’s control in the Underworld Prince Algor learned a great many spells from the evil Preytus. One of these was the  “Samedi’s Shadow” spell which allows the Prince to become completely invisible. This allows Algor to sneak into places that normally would require a fight to get inside, and would allow a less than scrupulous person to steal anything they want with impunity. Not only does the spell render the user invisible, but it also allows them to light up their surroundings by activating the glowing bones that appear on their body if need be… this also has a terrifying effect on people when they see a skeleton of glowing bones speeding towards them.

Comes in a mailer box with translucent sword, and knife/sheathe. Bones glow in the dark!


Spirit Stride Prince Algor

Another of the spells Algor learned from Preytus in the Underworld was the Spirit Stride. This spell allows the Prince to transport his body to the spirit realm which makes him intangible. Being able to pass though barriers, walls, and projectiles has many advantages for an adventurous young Slime like Algor. The Spirit Stride has cut Algor’s dungeon delving times down a great deal since he can now phase right through locked doors and the many traps littering the halls.

Comes in a mailer box with translucent axe,armor,and shield.


Dungeon Demon Prince Algor 

A common foe around the various underground tombs,crypts, and ruins of Jalldoon are the Dungeon Demons. These red imp like creatures breed in large numbers in the dark corners of the world with their purple eyes glowing in the shadows. After a long fight…and it’s always a long fight against hundreds of the beasts…Algor will reenergize himself by absorbing the creatures, and as the millennia old magic of the slimes works it charms Algor’s body turns a bloody shade of red.

Comes in a mailer box with translucent sword, armor, and shield.



Slime City Prince Algor 

Algor’s home is the Royal Palace at the center of  Slime City in the Emerald Caverns. Whenever the Prince is home he takes on the familiar green hue that a Slime only gets from absorbing the Emerald Dust that is the basis of any city bound Slime’s diet. At home with his father King Valdar, sister Princess Ikari, and loyal friend Toron, the Prince can put his feet up and relax…unless any of the many enemies of good dare attack the city.

Comes in a mailer box with translucent scythe, armor,and shield.


Karnok Arena Prince Algor 

The bustling City of Karnok hold many wonders for travelers from all over Jalldoon, but none as celebrated as the legendary Arena where criminals and would be champions duke it out to earn their freedom or fame. Prince Algor will from time to time travel to Karnok for supplies or to speak to Emperor Pullo, and whenever he is in Karnok the Prince enters into the Arena to hone his skills in battle. Arena fights are to the death, but Algor is one of the best warriors on all of Jalldoon who has yet to be bested in over a two hundred arena matches. Whenever his name is on the combatants list his opponents curse the fates for sticking them up against such a skilled fighter.

Comes in a malier box with translucent sword,shield,and knife/sheathe.



Molotok and Kotolom Evil Clones of Prince Algor 

In the recent battle at the portal to the Underworld Master Boshak managed to snatch up a small bit of Prince Algor’s slime that had been cut off with a particularly vicious blow to the young Prince’s arm. Boshak, ever the evil genius took this chunk of Algor back to the labs at the Dark Citidel and immediately set to making a duplicate of Prince Algor for nefarious purposes. Evil laboratory science has its risks however… especially when dealing with a substance as magical as slime, and the clone split into two during the incubation process. These twins came out of the tubes ready to bring the pain to all who oppose the tyrannical agenda of Master Boshak and Baron Draktholm. Dubbed Molotok and Kotolom these brothers prefer to wield vicious hammers in battle. The twins alternate their colors so people can tell the difference between them while still somewhat matching…because they always want their enemies to know who is about to bash them with a hammer.

Comes in mailer boxes with translucent hammer, armor, and paint apps.






I’ve been getting a few questions from various sources about these guys so I thought I’d answer them here…

#1 How did you make these guys? I didn’t the factory in China did. These are limited run full production figures using the Zoloworld Interchangeability system, and are official products. These are TEWOJ Figures on the ROTU bodies in conjunction with Zoloworld.

#2 What’s up with the mailer boxes? Since these figures are so limited they actually cost a bit more than the normal figures do (thats the way production works the smaller the numbers the more they cost) so my options were to keep them in the ROTU SD boxes (which are incredible) and charge more or toss them in the mailer boxes and keep them at $30. That was an easy choice as I’d rather keep prices low than have a fancy box that people are going to open anyway. The figures (except the remaining Purple Algors..they still come in a ROTU box) will ship in the white mailer boxes with TEWOJ stickers on them.

#3 Just how limited are these? Well I’m not sharing specific production numbers, but they are very limited….there is a lot less of these guys than the purple Algors (and most of those went QUICK!), and as I have no interest in running the same figure in different colors month after month these will be mostly the end of the line for this sculpt. I may be running Algor again at some point if some new colors come in that I like, but that will be much much later…if at all.

#4 Whats next for TEWOJ? Quite a bit actually! I’ve got some special things planned. There will be a Zolocon Exclusive figure, and there will also be a Powercon Exclusive figure as well. I’m also working on some new stuff in resin and 3d printing to add to the line… these wont be figures necessarily , but mounts, weapons, and playlets are all in the realm of possibility. There is plans for a second production figure underway as well, but that comes later. If you’re liking the line so far the best thing you can do is share the stuff so we can make it as big as possible. #TEWOJ



So that’s about it… I REALLY appreciate all the love these guys have been getting around, and when you get your figures be sure to share some pics either on the TEWOJ Page , The DK or RI FB Pages, Instagram, The DK  or RI Twitters, or even on Youtube. Again the Drop is Friday October 30th at 8PM EST in the Shop here on DK. Thank you all for the support…it has truly made this long project worthwhile, and if you have any questions leave them here in the comments or hit me up at See you Next Week!


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