Coming Soon To The DoomKick Store: Prince Algor Heroic Form Candy Shop Edition Pre Orders.

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Monday Pre orders for the next Heroic Form Prince Algor Figures will be going up in the store. Read on for all the details.

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Available for purchase will be 3 colors of figures Lemondrop, Candy Apple, and Twin Cherry. Single figures will be $40 and a 3 pack of figures will be $100 (Prices in the actual store will include shipping so they will be $46 and $115 respectively). This will be the last time this version of Prince Algor will be made available , so if you are interested in the Heroic Form Prince Algor Figure this is your last chance to snag one. Pre Orders will be open from Monday May 20th – Monday June 10th. Production on the figures will start shortly after the pre orders open, but orders will be filled in the order they are received, so if you place your pre order on Monday yours will be one of the first shipments to go out. The 3 pack of figures by default is one of each color of figure, but you can choose any combination of the 3 colors for your 3 pack by sending me an email at with the name on your order and your 3 color choices. International Customers: I am having some problems getting the store to add the shipping for International orders, if you live outside of the US you can send me an email (at the above address) with what you would like to order (any time during the pre order period), and I will get right back to you  with a shipping price. Sorry for the trouble to any International folks. Read the bio for this edition below.

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While traveling through the city of ghosts, Prince Algor and Toron come across a brightly painted building with a sign reading “Horton’s Sweet Shop”. After exploring the store and sampling all the various candy treats, the prince discovered a pail of hard translucent candies. He quickly took a liking to the three fruit favors of Candy Apple (green), Lemondrop (yellow), and Twin Cherry (red). After spending quite some time gorging himself on the confections the prince is alarmed by the howling of a vicious pack of Kreeks. Realizing the cramped candy shop wouldn’t be the best place for a battle the two friends ran down the street to a large building with a statue of a pterodactyl wearing a chef hat in front of it. They manage to get the door to “Papa Petri’s Pizza Palace” barred just before the mass of Kreek warriors was upon them. As the door slowly breaks down the Prince takes his heroic form while Toron takes the form of a sword. Hours later covered in the gore of the slaughtered beasts, the prince reflects on just how good that candy was.

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