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I’m very excited to be launching my NEW toy line next weekend here on the DoomKick Store. I have a ton of cool stuff planned for the drop, so read on to find out all the details and see some character bios.


The world of Jalldoon is quite a unique planet. It is located on top of thousands of rips in space in time that are constantly dropping items, creatures and people into the world. Many of these beings and objects have been on the planet for millennia, evolving and changing over time to what we see on the planet today. From the heights of the Dark Citadel to the dense Vallorian jungles and the parched dessert of Morose, Jalldoon is full of wonders, excitement and adventure.




Of all the inhabitants of Jalldoon, Slimes are the only creatures that are actually native to the planet. They may appear to be simple unintelligent blobs, but in reality they are highly advanced beings. Made up of the sludge left over from millennia of dimensional rifts, Slimes are full of magic and are capable of turning their bodies into any shape or consistency with ease. Slimes are able to absorb anything they come in contact with, their colors reflecting what they last “ate”.  From the Slime capitol deep within the Emerald Caverns the King of the Slimes runs slime society with fairness and compassion and is well loved by all his subjects.JelgonBoshak

Originally all Slimes were good and got along in their ventures, but that all changed when the fabled slime adventurer Boshak Dahn, on a ten month tour of the lands charting maps stumbled into the lake beneath the dark citadel that had been filled with toxins after years of evil creations by Baron Draktholm, Boshak made contact with the eerie glowing waters and was forever tinted by evil and changed into Master Boshak terror of slimes everywhere. Upon returning to Slime city he found that he could infect other slimes with his evil thoughts and get them to join his cause. The first of these converts was Jelgon Shan, who while not the brightest slime in the world is fiercely loyal to his evil overlord. Unlike good slimes who normally stay in a more relaxed form, evil slimes prefer to Make themselves tall so as to appear more menacing. From their base in the wastes of Venk the evil slimes make life terrifying for good and decent slimes everywhere


Being heir to the gooey throne isn’t the easiest thing for a young Slime to grow up with, but Prince Algor handles it with honor and a plucky attitude. He spends his days adventuring around Jalldoon with his loyal bodyguard Toron Smelg, the heroic captain of the royal slime guard and old friend of the King. With the amount of happenings in the world, these two friends are never at a loss of things to do. Oftentimes their paths will cross with many of heroes and villains who operate outside of the rule of the kingdom of Slime. The Prince and Toron are well loved by most everyone who ever meet them, and are often cursed by the evils of the world.

PrinceAlgorHeroic 1

Prince Algor’s adventures will often require the young slime to take on creatures and villains much larger than himself; in these cases Algor will assume his heroic form. In this form, the Prince is fully capable of fighting off anything from a Crystal Cat to a battalion of Baron Draktholm’s elite guard with ease; it also allows him to be at eye level with his non slime friends.

Heroic Form Prince Algor will be available in these 5 color ways on drop night as a random “blind bag” assortment for $40.



The Glove of Drax Plunkett: Originally created to combat the “Great Old Ones” the glove was lost when it was transported from its home world and deposited on Jalldoon. The wizard who found the glove dropping into his breakfast sensed the terrible power contained within and locked it away in the deepest darkest room of the dungeon beneath his tower. Even powerful wizards don’t live forever, and as time marched on the tower became just another ruin dotting the landscape of Jalldoon calling out to traveling adventurers like Prince Algor and Toron. After fighting through the dank dungeon the prince dons the glove and finds his entire body brimming with power. Before long the immense strength of the glove’s magic nearly drove the young Prince insane until he casts it into the bottomless chasm of regrets.Made with Monster Kolor Resin Dye and Solar Color Dust Pigments.

PrinceAlgorHeroicMeltdown 1


Meltdown:In the year 2067 a Nuclear Power Plant in Seattle Washington disappeared without a trace, all that was left was a gaping hole in the ground stumping the residents of the town and spawning fear of an attack by an unknown enemy.  Little did the earthlings know that the plant had been deposited on the planet of Jalldoon some thousand years before. By the time Prince Algor and Toron stumbled upon it the Jungle had overgrown the entire facility.  While exploring the ruin the inquisitive young prince accidentally disturbed a colony of Bomb Bats, which set off a chain reaction causing a nuclear meltdown of the facility. Caught directly in the blast, Prince Algor was aglow with radiation for weeks after that incident.  A good portion of the Vallorian Jungle is still regrowing today. With strange mutant creatures inhabiting that section of the Jungle only the bravest of adventurers travel there now. Made with Monster Kolor Resin Dye (arms, head, and legs glow in the dark)

PrinceAlgorHeroicMeltdown 2


PrinceAlgorHeroicOozeBeast 1


Ooze Beast: While traveling the Inari Grasslands Prince Algor and Toron come across a group of farmers whose Ooze Beasts have turned against them. After a particularly tense battle with a herd of the mad creatures, Prince Algor absorbs some of the beasts to regain his strength. He takes on the colors of the normally docile globs of ooze that graze the plains. After they make camp for the night Toron wonders what exactly drove the beasts to madness? Made with Solar Color Dust Pigments and Smooth On Flesh tone. (available in 2 different color configurations)

PrinceAlgorHeroicOozeBeast 2




Rip Sludge: Slimes are beings full of magic as it is, but when the prince finds a mass of Rip Sludge left from the closing of a recent Space Time tear and absorbs it, he is brimming with elemental magic that makes up all Slimes. With the magic dust coursing through his body, Algor feels unstoppable, and when Toron and he run across shock troopers from the Dark Citadel taking Slaves for Baron Draktholm’s experiments, the prince unleashes a magic blast that evaporates the evil troopers to ashes. Made with Monster Kolor Resin Dye and Solar Color Dust Pigments.

Slimes mini figures will be available in 4 different Colors in both full sets ($20) and singles ($5).



Slime Green: Slimes’ natural color is a yellowish clear, but since the Slime Capitol is located in the Emerald Caverns which is full of emerald dust at all times, most people assume Slimes natural color to be green. Emerald Dust makes up the bulk of a city bound Slime’s diet. It’s free , abundant, and settles all over everything without constant dusting anyway. Only the very richest of Slimes “eats” anything other than Emerald Dust for most “meals”, but any slime will tell you that the various sizes and shades of emerald have vastly different flavors and textures so there are a decent variety of greens in the slime community. Foreign visitors to the Slime Capitol are often quoted as saying “it’s a sea of greens”.Made with Monster Kolor Resin Dye.



Pink Champagne 1878: In the year 1878 in the north of France a group of monks legendary for their wine making skills created 100 casks of this extraordinary pink Champagne. Upon sealing the final cask the monks retired for the night, and when they checked the stores in the morning not only were all the casks gone, but so was a large section of the wall of their wine cellar. A space time rip had deposited the casks onto the Inari Grasslands and was found by a young King Valdar when he was merely Prince Valdar. HE took the drink back to the royal palace where upon tasting the beverages wonderful flavors it was declared that Pink Champagne would only be consumed on very special occasions and the casks were poured into many thousands of bottles; almost any shop in the kingdom of slimes has a few bottles for a high price. With a vintage this fine and old there is bound to be some settling and a Slime’s color will change depending on if he drinks liquid from the top of the bottle (light pink) or the bottom of the bottle (dark pink) which one will you get? Made with a secret color recipe.



Industrial Smoke: The industrial district of the city of Karnok lies just a short distance from the above ground exit to the Emerald Caverns by “big people” standards, but for a Slime making their way to the “city of the outsiders” the journey takes several days.  In which time many Slimes will absorb the thick smog that settles on the road when darkness comes. This gives a Slime a silvery, Smokey hue that you will see on many Slimes that travel back and forth from the city. You would think disgusting smog would be a bad thing to “eat”, but to a Slime (almost) anything can be absorbed without harm. Made with a secret color recipe.

FullSetGitd 1


Glowberry: Glowberries grow all over Jalldoon and when a Slime needs to see in the dark they will “eat” a few berries, which gives them the ability to glow and light the darkness surrounding them. This is very helpful in many cases, but it also turns a Slime into a glowing beacon for predators at night. Glowberries are considered a delicious fruit by most beings, and are used as lighting in homes due their soft inviting glow. However only Slimes are able to replicate that glow naturally without heavy processing.Made with Solar Color Dust Pigments. (glows in the dark)

FullSetGitd 2




There will also be singles in One Off Colorways for sale ($5). Sold in a blind assortment the One Off colorway singles include heat sensitive color change, embeds, glitters, various colors of GITD, marbles, and tons of neat stuff. Made with either Monster Kolor Resin Dye orSolar Color Dust Pigments. (the picture is a very small selection of them)



Also available will be various mini packs (4,8,12,20) that include the 4 launch colors, and any of the various one off colorways. Each Full Set of Slimes also included a matching mini. (again the picture is a very small assortment of colors)

Here is the official press release with all the facts: The first entry in “The Exciting World of Jalldoon” from Rampageo Industries is coming out 4/20/2013 at 9 P.M. Eastern Time in the shop at The first release is all about a magical creature native to the world of Jalldoon called Slimes. Four mini figures from Slime culture are making their debut, two good and two evil characters (as well as 4 different mini Slimes) in all. The good guys are Prince Algor  and his faithful companion Toron. The bad guys are Master Boshak  and Jelgon . In this first drop there will be quite a few offerings, available for purchase will be Full Sets (all 4 slimes and a random mini in matching colors), Single Slimes, Multiple packs of minis, and Prince Algor in heroic form articulated with magnets and fully compatible with the Warlords of Wor and other magnetic toys by ManOrMonster? Studios. Slimes will be available in 4 different colors, Pink Champagne 1878 (Hot pink), Industrial Smoke (Smokey silver), Slime Green, and Green Glow In The Dark. The heroic form figure will be available in a few different color ways as well. Prices for the toys will be, Single Slimes for $5, Full sets (+ a mini) for $20, and the full figures for $40. There will also be special Blind Bag one off color way singles for $5, and Mini 4,8,12, and 20 packs ($5, $10, $15, $20 respectively) for sale as well. Quantities will be limited so make sure to get yours before they are gone! In addition to the sale each order placed in the first week (4/20-4/27) will be entered to win one of  3 special edition Slimes in the only available in this contest “pile of loot” color way, which will be added to your order. These will be the first of many products offered in “The Exciting World of Jalldoon” line, and some of these colors will never be offered again. If you would like to stay totally up to date on these toys check out Rampageo Industries on Facebook.

Also available during C2E2 at the Nerd City Booth #967 (as part of The Phalanx) Will be a limited edition of 4 Prince Algor (with a bonus Toron to match) in Heroic Form figures in an exclusive Black/ Glittery White colorway only found at the show for only $40. Made with Monster Kolor Resin Dye and Solar Color Dust  Superfine Holographic Glitter. (any figures remaining after C2E2 will be sold here on sometime after the show)

C2E2PrinceAlgor 1


So that is the lineup for the first (of many I hope) drops here on DoomKick from Rampageo Industries. Hope to see you on the 20th!


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