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Wallowog1This Friday (October 20th at 12pm EST) I’ll be adding some new items to the DK Store let’s take a look at the new TEWOJ Stuff coming Friday.


First up is the ALL NEW Beast figure The Wallowog:


The Wallowog:

Wallowogs can be found anywhere there is water on Jalldoon.

These frog-like creatures are capable of eating almost anything, and will likely attempt do so with most things they cross paths with.

They move by undulating the bottom of their bodies (which are mostly mouth as is) to scoot across terrain or swim fairly quickly. Wallowogs can pose quite a threat to beings that venture too close to their homes.

Though possessing fairly limited intelligence the Wallowogs have formed a loosely connected society of tribes. Most tribes are ruled by a Shaman or Chief who has a slightly higher intellect than their brethren.

There is little difference between Males and Females beyond a slightly higher pitch to their croaky voices, and either can be deadly when encountered in packs or protecting the floating nests of eggs.


These guys come in Green,Purple, and Red with either Silver or Gold accessories. Sold “blind box” style these army builder beasts use production ROTU arms on a 3D printed body. Each figure costs $25 and comes with:

1 Wallowog figure
2 Trident accessory
3 Helmet
4 “eating” play feature




Master of Disguise Prince Algor figure:

Beyond changing shape from a simple Slime to a muscular beefcake, Prince Algor can also take on the form of other beings he encounters in his adventures. This ability comes in handy when infiltrating or avoiding detection. Algor is able to be someone he’s seen or create all new people at will. Armed with the Royal Slime Sword Algor’s adventures make use of this ability often.

Each figure costs $50 and includes:
1 Full production Prince Algor figure (including the NEW purple head)
2 Three Production Realm of the Underworld heads (Krysis,Acromancer (overworld), Ulysses) in purple
3 Removable 3D printed bandolier/sheathe
4 Royal Slime Sword 3D printed accessory (fits in sheathe)
5 TEWOJ packaging including bio printout.

these were created for the Jalldoon League of Explorers Club so supplies are very limited.





Master Boshak Villainous form T-Shirt:

Shirts will be $10 and come in size XL-Small. There are 3 varieties of shirt and they all feature hot artwork by Chris Faccone.




So there you have it. The October Sale is full of great stuff! Again the sale goes live Friday October 20th at 12pm EST in the DK Store  . After this sale we’ve got (hopefully) Captain Kandross in November, and then we’ll be taking a bit of a break until Zolocon in Feb. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you Friday! Enjoy the gallery belwo for even more pics!


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