Computer Warriors AdAll with Dekodar


The last of the Computer Warriors lot I recently picked up is AdAll, the real working calculator that transforms into a techno-tank and the driver, Dekodar.  Ready to check it out?


First off, this is another real-life working item that Mattel adapted into the Computer Warriors line. The battery in mine has long since died but I suspect it can be replaced. There is a tiny screw on the back of the calculator that I bet you could remove and open up to get to the battery. It’s probably not something I’ll ever deal with but I’m guessing it could be done.


The calculator is convincing enough, especially since it really worked as a calculator. It’s pretty thick but it is a calculator so there’s no denying it could probably have fooled your math teacher if you wanted to sneak your Computer Warriors to school.


The calculator transforms into a tank pretty easily. The actual calculator simply slides out revealing the seat for Dekodar. The guns slide out, the cockpit pops up, and the sides flip to reveal the bottom of the techno-tank. It’s a decent little tank though it may be my least favorite toy in the line. There’s nothing wrong with it but it’s not as cool as some of the other toys.

adall3 adall4

Dekodar fits in well with his fellow Computer Warriors. He’s a bit generic but he’s not too bad. Obviously the Viruses are a million times cooler than any of the heroes but Dekodar is still a nice addition to the ranks of Computer Warriors.


As of this writing all of my Computer Warriors toys are now a part of the Doom Kick archives. I still need one last thing; the Virus Base/Book but until I find one you can look back on all the other cool Computer Warriors toys.



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