Computer Warriors Strategic Weapons Base Playset


This makes my third DK piece on Computer Warriors following reviews of the transforming Pepsi Can and the Soccer Trophy. Those were both excellent toys but this is the grand daddy of Computer Warriors. It’s a huge transforming base that comes with two figures and tons of weaponry. Let’s go ahead and start looking at the awesome thing.


Like alot of toys from the 80’s and early 90’s there is some gorgeous painted artwork on the front of this box. The art showcases every part of this base in a wonderful way. It really sparks the imagination when looking at some great toy artwork and this is no exception.


There’s a great battle being showcased on the box front. This is what toys looked like inside my own head as I played with them. I love how every inch of the base is covered in the art and has something going on. There’s even viruses locked up in the jail!


Turning the box around to the back we get to see the fully transformed playset and all of the bells and whistles. There’s also pictures of all the other toys from Computer Warriors. It’s not a very big line but it is fairly hard to find unfortunately.


Once you get the pieces out of the box and assembled you are left with an unassuming computer. This thing would no doubt pass for its brethren of the time when computers were bulky and simple pieces. I have no doubt that if this was surrounded by a bunch of old Apple computers from the 80’s no one would think anything of it.


The computer trickery isn’t just limited to the front of the toy either. Along the side we have the disc drive, something that younger readers might not even recognize. The back of the monitor is designed to mimic those old school screens that stuck out way too far.

IMG_2357Transforming from computer to base is pretty simple. You begin by lifting the left side of the keyboard up to reveal a large work floor and a few small vehicles ready to fly away to battle some Viruses.


These sled like vehicles are extremely simple but pretty cool nonetheless. They have a gun on either side of the pilot and would work as great defense against any ugly bad guys trying to invade your desktop.


Getting back to the base, the next step is popping the monitor open to reveal some huge guns and a large crane on the left side. The right side has two work stations and the radar screen as well as a fold out platform with a couple of ladders.


You finish up the transformation by sliding the radar to the top of the base and flipping over the keys on the right side of the keyboard. This area contains the prison as well as a set of medium sized guns. The last step is to pull the disc drive out from it’s location behind the prison and place it on a wide peg at the front of the base floor.


These guns have room for a figure to sit and act as gunner. As a kid this always made me think of Han gunning down Tie Fighters in the Millennium Falcon.


This set also includes two figures. There’s a heroic Computer Warrior named Chip.


Then there’s an ugly Virus named Cursor. I love how Mattel made the Viruses from this line look so ugly and deformed. They are all rough looking little guys. Computer Warriors figures were limited to only four points of articulation. Their design meant they didn’t have neck swivels which was standard issue for figures all those years ago. They did however have shoulder and hip swivels.


The disc drive has a seat for one person and it actually shoots out discs with a spring loaded trigger.


Computer Warriors figures were small, similar in size to MASK or Dino-Riders figures. You could stretch and make this a base for 3 3/4″ figures if you needed but it’d be a bit cramped for those guys.

IMG_2367Though they may be small there was still some great fun to be had by the Computer Warriors toys. The playsets and vehicles was were the spotlight was shining with this toyline anyway and there was some really imaginative toys here. If you had them I’m sure you also have fond memories and if you didn’t then I would suggest picking some up if you are lucky enough to run across any.


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