Coverage: Mecha Zone’s Predanaut Reveal At FOE Gallery

07- Predanaut Premiere - Display Detail 2

This past Saturday at the FOE Gallery  my good buddy (and part of tonight’s Rampaging Robots drop) Mecha Zone debuted his brand new  evil Predanaut toy. I was supposed to be at the event covering it, but due to some car trouble couldn’t make it over there. Mecha Zone was nice enough to send over some pics of the event so you all can get a glimpse. Read on to see all the pics. 

06- Predanaut Premiere - Display Detail

Mecha Zone makes some incredible 3D Printed toys, and the Predanaut look like pure hotness. I’m going to be ordering one real soon to do a review here on DK, but FOE still has a few left in their shop if you want to get one for your own right now! I can guarantee you won’t be let down.  Be sure to check out the gallery for all the pics.

08- Predanaut Premiere - Packaging

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