Dino Riders Ankylosaurus with Sting and Placerias with Skate


I’ve been back on a Dino Riders kick lately and decided to add some more of these great toys to the Doom Kick archives. This time you guys and gals get a two for one with a couple of smaller Dino Riders Rulon dinos, the Ankylosaurus and the Placerias.


The Rulon Ankylosaurus is one of the smallest and least detailed in the Dino Riders line but it isn’t a bad jumping in spot for anybody looking to collect Dino Riders as it is really common and one of the lower priced dinosaurs. There weren’t many pieces to the armor/weapons on the Ankylosaurus as the brain box and body clip are all one piece. The crossbow and arrow are all one piece that snaps onto the body clip.


The Ankylosaurus comes with Sting, a Rulon grunt soldier with an ant head. I like the Rulons with their different animal heads resembling sharks, ants, snakes and more. It gave them some variety even though unlike most toylines, the action figures weren’t the draw to Dino Riders.


The arrow doesn’t shoot which is unfortunate but the good side to that is after all these years a firing arrow would be harder to track down that the whole one piece crossbow/arrow combination.


The Ankylosaurus is probably my least favorite of all the Dino Riders toys BUT that does not mean I don’t like it at all. I’m glad to have it and I plan on adding a few more and switching out with some different Rulon grunts to accompany a little army of these guys.


The Rulon Placerias is another small dinosaur in the line but it’s quite a bit nicer than the Ankylosaurus. There’s a little more heft to the weapon and body clip as well as a brain box that is a separate piece.


The Placerias has a claw that “shoots” out to grab other dinosaurs or any of the Valorians who happen to be walking by. The claw isn’t spring loaded and doesn’t actually shout out but it is attached by a string and can be placed around any other figure in the line. The Rulon included with the Placerias is Skate, one of my favorite figures from Dino Riders. I like the brighter colors and that second series head that saw less use than Sting’s ant head.

riders4 riders5The Placerias was basically the series 2 version of the Ankylosaurus, a smaller and lower priced dino to counteract the higher priced guys like the Kentrosaurus and especially the series 2 Brontosaurus. It’s a huge step up from the Ankylosaurus in my opinion. The colors, weapons, and even the rider was alot cooler than Sting and his Ankylo.

riders11Tyco made Dino Riders in all shapes and sizes and I absolutely love the variety in the line. Large and small, they are all great and look even better as you add more and more to your collection.

riders12We are really adding to our Dino Riders coverage here on Doom Kick. If you’ve missed any in the past then here’s a rabbit hole to get lost in. Check out all the awesome dinos!


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