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This one is brand new to my collection so as I check it out for myself for the very first time you will get to check it out with me. This is one of the elusive Series 3 Dino Riders that are very hard to find but I finally got my hands on one.

chasmo5 chasmo4

Dino Riders was on its last legs when they released the Series 3 dinosaurs. Unfortunately that made the three toys from Series 3 very hard to find which is doubly unfortunate because those are the three most exotic looking dinos from the entire series.


The chasmosaurus shares the same body mold as the Valorian Styracosaurus and the Rulon Monoclonius. Each of the three were exactly the same from the tip of the tail to the neck. The heads were the only difference in the sculpts between the three.


The headsculpt and the paint job really set the chasmosaurus apart from the rest of the dinosaurs.


The harness is really simple this time around but there’s a really large laser cannon on one side and a unique weapon on the other side that resembles some sort of rocket.


Llava is the Valorian rider paired with the Chasmosaurus. I know I usually don’t have much to say about the Valorian figures but Llava isn’t quite as boring as some of the others. He shares a sculpt with several other Valorians but he has a uniquely colored uniform that stands out just a little among some of the other Valorians who can be a tad boring.


I’m not going to lie, I’m extremely excited just to have this little guy. The chasmosaurus is so different from the earlier dinosaurs Tyco released that it really is a striking image even among the larger brutes like the T-Rex and Brontosaurus.

Dino Riders continue to be a large part of the Doom Kick archives and that won’t be stopping anytime soon. Be sure you haven’t missed any of our previous Dino Riders coverage.

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