Dino Riders Colorforms Adventure Set


We’re still staying on the Dino Riders topic but moving to a slightly different path this time as we break out the Colorforms. Remember Colorforms? Vinyl “stickers” that never stuck permanently and came with a backdrop to attach them. There are probably thousands of Colorforms from pretty much every property that was ever popular dating back into the 50’s when Popeye became the first licensed Colorforms. But enough with that history lesson, let’s dig in to a complete (actually mine has a ton of extra pieces) Dino Riders Colorforms set.

colorforms2There really isn’t alot to say about Colorforms once you get them out of the box. There’s some really cool art to them and they are fun in that primitive pre-internet kinda way but pictures really say all that needs to be said so enjoy this limited reading piece that is going to be full of pictures and have few words.

colorforms3 colorforms4 colorforms5The pieces still stick really well after all these years.

colorforms6 colorforms7 colorforms8It isn’t the kind of fun that can last all day but it is pretty cool putting the pieces on the board.

colorforms9 colorforms10 colorforms11There’s enough pieces for a pretty good scene.

colorforms12 colorforms13 colorforms14 I remember having some Colorforms as a kid but they weren’t Dino Riders. I am pretty sure what I had was Sesame Street Colorforms. I can now make up for lost time by redoing my Adventure Set scene every once in a while. These aren’t super rare but watch out for the Ebayers who try and sell them for outrageous prices. From everything I have seen a complete set shouldn’t run more than around $10 to $15 tops. They’re worth every penny of that though!

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