Dino Riders Commandos Part 1


Today we’ll continue with Dino Riders though we’ll be switching courses from the big dinos to the smaller figures, specifically the Commandos. The figures in the Dino Riders line were smaller (around 3 inches) and were just repainted over and over and over again. The Commandos, however, were quite different. They were still the same size but were new sculpts with new weapons and accessories. Want to take a look at three (of six) Commandos? 


The Commandos were six Valorians that had their own unique skills with weapons and accessories based around that skill. It was a really cool idea that I wish Tyco had continued with another group of specialized Rulons.


Bomba was the Valorian who specialized in landmines. He came with bomb diffusing gear and a huge mine detector.


Glyde was the expert paratrooper. He came with a cross between a parachute and a glider that could get him through the skies and into combat with the Rulons.


The bearded Rok specialized in mountain climbing. He came with some awesome claws and climbing gear to reach those high mountaintops in prehistoric Earth.


Standard Dino Riders figures from all three series of the line were two packs featuring one Valorian and one Rulon. Tyco repainted the figures packed with the dinos and gave them new names to sell as carded figures. They came with no weapons or accessories but did feature some pretty cool repaints from time to time. The Commandos, on the other hand, were single packed, unique characters with a nice assortment of accessories.


Unfortunately there were only six Commandos and they aren’t the easiest toys in the line to come by. They aren’t extremely rare but they are a bit less common than most of the normal Dino Riders figures. Luckily for you, Doom Kick will bring you a look at all the Commandos in time but for now there’s plenty of other Dino Riders coverage right here on DK!

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