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There’s something about the Dino Riders Dimetrodon that always drew me in. It’s not one of the larger dinos and its fairly simplistic but there’s just something about it that makes this one of my favorites in the line. Ready for a closer look?


The cartoon dimetrodon had the gimmick of being able to completely hide its weapons and rider on one side. The toy doesn’t quite manage to pull that off with the rider being on the opposite side of the guns. While it’s a little disappointing to lose the gimmick it probably does make for a better looking toy with the harness holding everything on different sides of the large fin.


The weapons fold up easily into the harness…


…and can be popped down anytime a Rulon is spotted nearby.


The seat swivels around to be able to cover either side or front to back. It may not be 100% cartoon accurate but I do like it.


I like the minimal armor on the Dimetrodon. It’s obviously a Valorian Dino Rider with plenty of weapons but at the same time it’s fairly simple, letting you focus on all the detail sculpted into the actual dinosaur.






The Dimetrodon itself is another excellent and well detailed dinosaur in the line. Actually the dimetrodon isn’t a dinosaur at all but since this isn’t a science or history lesson I’ll ignore that fact.


There is a button on one side that opens the mouth. It’s a minor feature but it works well and the button is hidden nicely in the sculpt so there’s nothing to complain about.






The Valorian rider paired with the Dimetrodon is Shado. He’s one of the more interesting looking Valorians as they are usually quite boring. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not exactly very exciting but his color scheme is a bit more appealing than some of his fellow heroes.


The Dimetrodon fits in well with the small to medium size Valorian dinosaurs and I prefer it paired up with the Styracosaurus. I feel between the two beasts they can have pretty much every angle covered.


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3 thoughts on “Dino Riders Dimetrodon

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    August 18, 2015 at 6:29 am

    Another great review. I always remember the toy commercial for this particular toy as t showed the gimmick very well.

    • avatar
      August 18, 2015 at 7:52 pm

      I love all those Dino Riders commercials. I like how Tyco included them on the Dino Riders VHS tapes so you can watch several of them in a row.

  • avatar
    August 21, 2015 at 5:22 am

    I never seen Dino-Riders in the late 80’s, even though I had some the toys.
    It wasn’t until around April of 92 that I seen the cartoon. I got the VHS tape with the first two episodes (all the commercials were in between the two episodes) on the Friday night before making my Communion on the Saturday morning.


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