We are quickly adding up with our looks at the Dino Riders toyline here at Doom Kick. I hope you guys like these toys cause I love them and want to take a look at another. This time around I brought out the Diplodocus. Released in wave 1 to be the big heroic dinosaur that could match up with the T-Rex. the Diplodocus is another impressive addition to Dino Riders.IMG_3522

The Diplodocus, like the T-Rex, is loaded down with weapons. Each side has two long pods that open up to reveal a rider and 18 (yes, 18!) guns.


There are six hinged doors on each pod that swing open and stay open easily. There is a slot for the driver to stand and control each of these guns right in the middle of each pod.


There are missile along the neck. Two clamps each hold six missiles each for even more fire power against the Rulons.


The tail is loaded down with even more guns. Tyco really laid the weapons everywhere they possibly could on the Diplodocus.


The tail armor lifts up to reveal the six guns that will keep any evil Rulons from trying to sneak up behind this dinosaur.


The Diplodocus may not have the ferocity of the T-Rex but he more than makes up for it with his armament.


Of course you can’t forget the pod perched way above the dinosaur. There’s a seat inside for the rider in this spot to see far and wide.


The Diplodocus came with three figures. Pictured left to right are Questar (the Valorian leader), Mind Zei, and Aries. Questar looks strong with a bigger upper body than the other figures but his arms look short and stump. I really like Mind Zei who is a blind character and this was pulled off on the figure by not painting the pupils.


The diplodocus may be slightly smaller than the T-Rex but it is by no means a small toy. It is still one of the bigger dinosaurs in the series and is almost the biggest dinosaur that the heroic Valorians used. He is trumped in size by one big fella…


…the brontosaurs. That’s him in the back and if you keep checking Doom Kick you will be seeing him here soon!

In the meantime don’t forget to check out the other Dino Riders toys that have been covered here on DK!

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