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Let’s continue moving deeper into Dino Riders and finish up the Ice Age beasts. There were only four mounts released under the Ice Age banner and the Killer Warthog is the last one that needs to be covered here at Doom Kick. Ready for a look at a giant warthog carrying a laser gun? You know you are!


The warthog is the newest Dino Riders piece I have picked up. Actually I just bought a puzzle and Ulk (the caveman I needed to complete the sloth) but the warthog is the newest beast to be added to my collection and I’m glad to finally have all four of the Ice Age mammals.


One of my favorite things about the warthog is the hinged jaw. You can really open that mouth up and get a good look at those teeth!


The weapon harness for the warthog features one large gun with tubes feeding from the back of the gun into the harness. The rider is perched at the front with a commanding view of the battlefield.


The warthog itself is a great looking toy. The darker fur at the head getting lighter throughout the body with darker spots thrown in really looks great and the size was actually a bit surprising. I was expecting it to be smaller but it’s a really large warthog.


The rider that comes with the warthog is Zar. I really like this guy. He’s got a lighter tone than the other cavemen so you can really see some of the details on him that you might miss on the other Neanderthals.  Seeing the sculpt so well makes me think of depictions of cavemen in old museums or like the depiction of humans in the museum from the first Planet of the Apes film. I love that!

hog10 hog9

The warthog finishes up the Ice Age creatures for Doom Kick but don’t fret, there’s still plenty of figures in the Ice Age series we’ll have to get to at some point and in the meantime you can keep up will all the Dino Riders coverage we’ve already brought you!



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