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Continuing my quest to flood DK with all things Dino Riders is the third armored beast to hit the site. The mammoth came out at the end of the line and was under a sub line called Dino Riders Ice Age. I never knew about these until just a few years ago and I always dismissed them without giving them a second thought. I was wrong to do so. The mammoth is the only Ice Age toy I have picked up so far but it’s just as great as the dinosaurs that came before it.


Mine took the long route from Germany so I have yet to figure out the storyline that took things from the age of the dinosaurs to the Ice Age but the toys don’t suffer a bit. This time around there are no Rulons pictured and no Valorians either. The drivers are all cavemen but I really like the look of the primitive cavemen driving these futuristic machines atop the Ice Age mammals.


Like several of the larger dinosaurs that came before in Dino Riders, the mammoth can walk on its own with battery powered legs. The armor and weapons look fitting alongside the earlier dinosaurs and even though Grom, the caveman, looks quite different from the human Valorians I consider him to have joined their cause. There is no brain box to tell me this is a Rulon so he must have the same telepathic powers as the Valorians.


The mammoth looks formidable even without the weapons all over its back. The tusks are huge and stick out pretty far in the front. They look really great and have some nice paint work to make them look worn and ready for more battle.


Grom has the mammoth loaded down with triple lasers on each side and single lasers at the top beside the driver’s seat.


There’s plenty of detail on the mammoth, too. Different shades of gray and some white highlights in the fur help him standout much better than if this was a boring one tone mammoth.


Grom looks simple due to all the blacks and grays on his small frame but there really is a lot of detail that could be better noticed if he were painted more like the mammoth. He still looks good and will add some variety to the shelf of boring Valorians. I like that Tyco made him (and I assume the other cavemen) hunchbacked.


Even hunched over he fits in nicely with the other figures in the line. He’s a tad shorter than most of the others but that is due to his bad posture and he looks right to me. Although I’m sad the line ended after only 3 waves of toys I am glad they branched out a little with the last line to shake things up a bit. The cavemen and mammals look just as cool as the dinosaurs.


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