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I’m still on a Dino Riders kick so bare with me if any of you are getting tired of seeing these toys as I’m not quite tired of bringing them to Doom Kick. I’ve covered a variety of the beasts, from large to small, from winged to legged, and from scaley to furry. The last wave of Dino Riders from Tyco had four mammals spun off into a sub-line called Dino Riders Ice Age. I’ve already looked at the Mammoth and even shown him off in the snow but I haven’t brought anymore of the Ice Age toys to Doom Kick until now. Ladies and Gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, let’s take a look at the Sabre Tooth Tiger.

snowsabre8 snowsabre9The Ice Age Sabre Tooth is a smaller sized beast meant for one rider. It’s also one of the simpler toys in the line with medium sized double lazers on each side and a place for the rider on top. It is very cool looking and has become one of my favorite of the smaller to mid sized toys in Dino Riders.

snowsabre2The Sabre Tooth is another gorgeous toy in the Dino Riders line and it looks perfect in the snow.

snowsabre3 snowsabre1Dino Riders are a blast to take outside to play!

snowsabre5 snowsabre6The Ice Age toys look perfect with a little snow. There are some people who don’t appreciate the direction Tyco went with the last series of Dino Riders and I have to admit that it too a little while for me to warm up to them as well but I really enjoy them after I got my hands on a few of them.

snowsabre10 snowsabre11Though they probably aren’t meant to go directly together I think the Sabre Tooth looks fine alongside the earlier Dino Riders dinosaurs which were plucked from all over the prehistoric timeline themselves.

snowsabre12Stick with us here at Doom Kick if you enjoy checking out Dino Riders. I aim to make DK your one stop for the line and I’ll be adding more toys in the future. I’ve even gotten my hands on the Dino Riders Colorforms that I plan to show you guys!

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