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There was a time when print ads for toys were works of art. Sadly as most toy magazines are gone there aren’t many outlets for print ads anymore and comic books seem to use them less and less as well. The good news is that those gorgeous ads from the 80’s and early 90’s are easy to come by. Just track down any comic book or nerdy magazine from the time and you’re bound to find some great ads inside. Recently I came across some Italian Dino Riders ads that I knew I just had to add to my collection. It’s time to show these off…


I’m going to have to track down a frame or two for these but for the time being I’ll show them off here. There’s not much to say about these as the visuals in the ads are made to do all the talking themselves so sit back and relax while you look at the classic ads used in Italy to support Dino Riders.

drads4 drads5

The first ad shown in this piece featured the main artwork image that was a part of a large number of Dino Riders products. The rest are even better as they are all photographs of the actual toys.

drads6 drads7

These pictures really make me want to get some little fake trees and some rocks to add some atmosphere to my Dino Riders shelves.


These cheap, paper advertisements aren’t worth much but they sure can add to a display. I have no doubt once I get them framed they will really enhance my Dino Riders collection.

drads9 drads10

We’ve really increased our coverage of Dino Riders in the last few weeks and I for one am glad to make Doom Kick your home for Dino Riders on the web.


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