Dino Riders Italian School Supplies


Dino Riders wasn’t just confined to the US. In its short time it was also popular in other parts of the world. Today I brought out a few school supply items that were only available in Italy. These aren’t the easiest Dino Riders pieces to find and I’m missing quite a few but what I do have is pretty great and needed to be shared.


This briefcase style shoulder bag is perfect for a laptop if it was re-released and easier to find. It was made in two different colors and featured the T-Rex and the Monoclonius with each design being released in both colors.


I also have the pencil bag in my collection. It’s a smaller bag and was made in the same designs and colors as the larger shoulder bag. 


Besides the bags I also have one of the Italian Dino Riders Binders. There were several designs made available and they came in two sizes.


The binders had a really cool dino skin design. I wish these had been released in the US. They would have gone perfect with my Dino Riders lunchbox.


Besides the items in my collection there were also notebooks, backpacks, diaries and marker cases released only to lucky Italian Dino Riders fans. I would have loved to have had the full line of Dino Riders school supplies to take to class when I was a kid but unfortunately none of them were released on this side of the Atlantic.


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