Dino Riders Kentrosaurus


Ready for more Dino Riders? Let’s look at this guy. Sort of like a sleek and extra spikey stegosaurus, the Dino Riders Kentrosaurus is one vicious looking dinosaur even before you add laser guns and a crocodile alien behind the trigger.


This one took me a little time to track down. Kentros are all over Ebay but they’re rarely complete. There’s either some panels missing or a broken tail weapon or, usually, a missing brain box. The kentrosaurus has such a small head that the brain box is tiny and fragile. It usually ended up broken or completely missing altogether. I finally ended up buying one through a Facebook Dino Riders fan group with my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t get ripped off. Luckily there are still some honest people out there because just over a week later I finally had my Dino Riders Kentrosaurus all the way from Germany.


The kentro is not a dinosaur I was familiar with as a kid but I know I would have thought it was awesome. It’s a fitting dinosaur for the Rulons as it makes me think of an evil stegosaurus.


Speaking of the Rulons, they’ve really loaded the kentro down with weapons. It may be covered in its own natural spikes but the evil Rulons have added a tail mace, six sets of lasers and several armor plates. The Valorians are going to have a very hard time tackling the Kentrosaurus.


Tyco gave us Krok with the kentrosaurus. He’s a member of a crocodile species that was a late addition to the Rulon armies. I really like the Rulons being made up of different alien races. It gives me the feeling that they are a group of conquerors who travel the galaxy adding new members to their ranks.


In the end the Kentrosaurus and Krok are just more great toys in the awesome line that is Dino Riders. I highly recommend all these toys. You just can’t beat dinosaurs, aliens, and laser guns.


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3 thoughts on “Dino Riders Kentrosaurus

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    May 5, 2016 at 9:06 am

    Another great review. 😀 How may more are there to do now?

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      May 5, 2016 at 5:21 pm

      I have them all but two and I think the Kentrosaurus is the last one I own that wasn’t already on Doom Kick. I need to get those last two but it won’t be easy. They’re hard to find and really pricey.


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