Dino Riders Merchandise Part 1


Dino Riders may have been a fairly short lived toyline but during its run there were many products released. The dinosaurs were obviously the main focus but there were enough other fun things sold that warrant taking a few looks as well. Ready to take a look at just a few of those things?


One of my favorite pieces of random Dino Riders merchandise is the Survival Kit. It’s one of the cheapest things ever made with the Dino Riders logo stamped on the package. The Survival Kit is one of those really poorly made toys you’d find in a store that doesn’t normally sell toys. Mine is in rough shape and I paid way more than it should be worth but they don’t show up often and I had to jump at the chance when I spotted it pop up on Ebay. There are a few more similar Dino Riders items like it but as of right now the Survival Kit is the only one in my collection.


Lunchboxes used to seem more special than they do nowadays. This one is definitely special to me as it was mine as a kid. I carried this actual lunchbox to school as a young Dino Riders lover and I still own it. My own son took a liking to it and I ended up buying him his own that he takes to school sometimes. Dinosaurs with lasers are obviously a timeless idea.


There are several Dino Riders puzzles including these two frame tray puzzles. They feature some great artwork that wasn’t seen on many Dino Riders items so they make some nice and unique items to add to a collection.


I’ve looked at LOTS of Dino Riders products on Doom Kick. Don’t miss any of our coverage!

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