Dino Riders Merchandise Part 2


A few weeks ago I looked at several random pieces of Dino Riders merchandise. This is the stuff that doesn’t warrant its own full look but is still a part of Dino Riders and doesn’t need to be ignored. Books, puzzles, rack toys; it’s all worthy of being added to the Doom Kick Dino Riders archives. Ready to jump in for more?


There were a couple of different Dino Riders videos released but the US Marvel Video edition might just feature my favorite artwork. Something about it is just cheesy and good. It’s certainly not the most detailed art on a Dino Riders video and it may only contain one episode but the slightly off model designs do hold a certain charm.


The Dino Riders Paint ‘N’ Marker book is a fancy coloring book with thicker paper that only has a picture on one side of each page. I’d love to paint some of these pages myself but I’m sure I would frustrate myself with my lack of artistic skill.


This one is a favorite from my Dino Riders collection. I had one of these kites as a kid and lost it in a tree like pretty much every other kite I had as a kid. This one is unopened but only because I don’t really know where to put a 6 ft long kite to display it.


The archives are growing here at Doom Kick. Be sure you’re up to date with everything we’ve looked at from Dino Riders!

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2 thoughts on “Dino Riders Merchandise Part 2

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    March 8, 2016 at 9:01 am

    I love the archive you’re building. Not only are your reviews great but it’s nice to have these all in one place for someone trying to start their own Dino Riders collection.

    Those coloring books are sweet, too. I really like the pictures in those.

    • avatar
      March 8, 2016 at 11:30 am

      For years I considered Dino Riders to be one of those lines that I would always want to have a large collection of but never would actually have. I’m glad I went proactive in building the collection I have now and though it is nowhere near finished I hope to continue adding to it and bring everything I have to Doom Kick in the process. I’m glad you enjoy checking the stuff out, BBQ!


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