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I recently looked at the Dino Riders Styracosaurus here on Doom Kick and I thought it seemed fitting to follow that one up with the Monoclonius as they share the same body. One of the ways Tyco saved money on the line was by sharing bodies between several dinosaurs and changing up the head sculpts as they did with the styraco and the monoclonius or by drastically altering the paint as they did with the Valorian and Rulon Quetzalcoatlus. It saved them money and gave us even more dinosaurs. So, are you ready to look at the mean little monoclonius and its Rulon rider, Mako? 


I mentioned in the styracosaurus piece that the bodies are the same but the head of the monoclonius is simpler and not as interesting. I still stand by that, BUT, I will say that with the brain box on the monoclonius looks just as good as the styraco. Tyco picked the right dino to get the Valorian treatment and the right one to get a brain box as well.




The harness for the monoclonius is the same as the styracosaurus but the weapons and seat are different and go in different places on the harness giving it a completely different look. I like the rider being seated at the top and the different style of each side gun. There is also a ring of spikes that goes on the tail. This is usually the piece missing on incomplete mono’s as it just slides on and doesn’t clip. It does look cool and there is no chance of it falling off from being displayed, it’s when you play with it that you have to be a little more careful.

Styracosaurus (first picture) vs Monoclonius (second picture)


Even  though the styracosaurus and the monoclonius are the same size I really feel like there’s more to the mono once it’s fully armed. The large seat at the top makes it feel like a bigger deal in my opinion. I also prefer the darker colors on the monoclonius to the color scheme of the styraco.


The rider for the monoclonius is Mako, a blue Rulon shark alien. The action figures in Dino Riders aren’t where most of the focus goes but I do really like the Rulon designs. I like that they all share the same body except for Krulos. It gives them the same outfit making them look more like a seamless military unit.

mono15 mono16

The smaller Rulon dinos came with dinosaur traps. The trap included with the monoclonius is a log trap made to slide together to hold an unsuspecting dinosaur.


The Monoclonius and Mako are another great set of Dino Riders toys and, like the styracosaurus, the price isn’t too bad for a complete monoclonius. Dino Riders can command a hefty price and that isn’t always based on the size. There’s some smaller ones that regularly go for quite a bit but you can easily find the monoclonius much cheaper than most of the other dinos in the line.



We’re really growing our Dino Riders archives and I hope we’re you’re first stop to check out these excellent toys. Check out all of our past coverage!

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