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I’ve covered a wide variety of Dino Riders goodies here on Doom Kick from the toys to Colorforms and even Italian print ads but it’s been a few weeks since we’ve looked at any so it seems like a good time to bring out some more. This one is a bit different and you can thank Philip Reed at Battlegrip.com for this one as he pointed me in the direction of Tyco’s patents for my favorite toy line and I wanted to show them off.


There are obviously more patents out there to find another day but for now let’s take a look at what I’ve found as I started down the path. There isn’t much to say about each picture as the drawing in each patent pretty much does all the talking but they’re great to look at and imagine what was going on in the head of the Tyco designers as they planned Dino Riders.

patent2The action figures in Dino Riders were fairly standard for smaller figures in the 2-inch range at the time but Tyco patented them as proven by this filing for a Valorian action figure.


It’s great to get a peek inside this world and I’m sure the Tyco employees who worked on this project would have never imagined anybody would enjoy looking at these decades later.

Moscow-Pullman Daily News - Nov 24, 1993
Moscow-Pullman Daily News – Nov 24, 1993

The designs seen in these patents were thought by some to be highly accurate dinosaur toys and were added to the Smithsonian Museum to be sold as small scale replicas.

Lewiston Journal - Feb 1, 1989
Lewiston Journal – Feb 1, 1989

Not everybody was a fan. As noted in this piece from the Lewiston Journal, some scientists weren’t happy with Dino Riders. They couldn’t decide which was worse, dinos that weren’t 100% accurate or dinos that aliens used as vehicles. They must not have known how to have fun cause Dino Riders is pure fun.patent4Be sure and check out all of the Dino Riders coverage we’ve got here on Doom Kick and scroll further down to see more of the great pieces of Dino Riders history!

patent5 patent6 patent7



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