Dino Riders Protoceratops


Looking over our Dino Rideres coverage here at DK I was shocked to see I hadn’t yet covered this little guy, the Protoceratops. It’s one of the smaller dinosaurs in Tyco’s Dino Riders but it’s unique and part of the variety that makes this line so wonderful. Ready to get a closer look at the Protoceratops and his rider, Kanon?


The protoceratops has a very unique look that really stands out on a shelf despite it’s small size. The head really sets it apart with it’s large beak-like face and small horns at the jaw on each side. I really like this look.

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The armor/harness for the protoceratops is strange as well. There’s no seat for the rider. The harness is deigned for the rider to lay along the back of the proto and look through the front of the armor via two lenses that resemble binoculars.


The rider for the proto is Kanon, another semi-boring Valorian. The one thing that sets Kanon apart from his comrades is that he just looks creepy. His light colored clothes, skin, and hair give him an evil clone vibe which I like more than most of the other duller Valorians.


Like I’ve said a few times, the protoceratops is small. It’s one of the smallest dinosaurs in the line but it’s better looking than some of the other small dinos like the pterodactyl and the ankylosaurus…


…and it looks great alongside another Valorian dino scout, the struthiomimus.





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