Dino-Riders Pteranodon with Rasp


More Dino-Riders already? Yep, I promised more and I’m already delivering on that promise. I’ve had several more delivered to me in the past few days and I’m ready to look these guys over. Today I picked the Pteranodon out of the box. This is one I never had as a kid but I always wanted. I thought the flying dinosaurs were really cool but I never had any of them until now.


The Pteranodon has been brain boxed by the Rulons and is under their control in the fight against the Valorians. I really like the way the dinosaurs are controlled within the storyline and the brain box is a terrific and fitting idea for the villains to use.


Stripped of his armor and weapons the Pteranodon is a lot more boring but is still a nice looking winged dinosaur. Don’t forget that Tyco was praised heavily for the dinosaurs in Dino-Riders.


He may look decent without the weapons but once he’s fully loaded he’s an awesome looking sight. He’s got a double laser cannon on each wing and jet thrusters behind the seat to speed him up in the air. His brain box slides down on his head and sits there nicely.


I love that the Pteranodon has an articulated jaw. This kind of stuff is often ignored these days but it makes the dinosaur so much more expressive.


The Pteranodon comes with a Rulon named Rasp. The Rulons looked more interesting than the boring human good guys. Rasp is one of the Rulons which resemble a cobra with its hood flared out.


Rasp is mean and sleek looking in his mostly black attire. He looks great as a villain and fits perfectly in the seat atop his Pteranodon.IMG_3363

I’m really loving these Dino-Riders. I have fond memories of the ones I had as a kid and I always wanted more. I’m glad I finally decided to make the move and start buying some. They are awesome fun but they can be pretty pricey unfortunately. That’s really the only drawback, they can be a little hard to obtain complete and at a decent price.


Last week I took a look at the Torosaurus so if you missed that one be sure and check it out right here and stay tuned to Doomkick.com because there’s going to be plenty more Dino-Riders coming for a while!
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