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The Saurolophus is one of the more interesting looking mounts in Dino Riders. The all-over striped paint scheme and the armor with the rider’s movable seat it makes for a great look. There is also a really nice take on the Rulon trap that was included with several of the Rulon toys in the line. Ready for a closer look?


The Saurolophus is, in my opinion, one of the most visually interesting dinosaurs Tyco gave us in Dino Riders. The extra bumpy skin and the striped coloration make for one stand out dinosaur. Tyco really did invest heavily into each base dinosaur and it shows more than ever in the Saurolophus.


The Sauro has been captured and brain boxed by the Rulons. The brain box just slides onto the head and stays on fairly well for there to be no clips holding it in place.

sauro3 sauro4

I mentioned the seat is movable. It can slide from one side to the other. It’s a cool feature but I prefer the seat on the same side as the large gun. I’m not sure why, something just seems more visually pleasing about it to me.


The armor is in several pieces and goes all the way around the body of the Sauro. The top pieces snaps into the bottom and it’s one of the few dinos that don’t use a rubber band to hold the armor in place. I prefer this over the rubber bands that dry up and break over time.

sauro12 sauro13

The rider for the Saurolophus is Lokus (pictured in the center of both photos) who was part of a new species added to the toyline in the second series. I really do enjoy the Rulons even if the action figures weren’t the focus of Dino Riders. The Valorians were a bit bland but the Rulons were nice little figures with some decent colors and variety.


The Sauro is another great addition to the Rulon ranks. It’s a bit odd that several dinosaurs used the same body with a different head but at the same time there were so many that were 100% unique molds. I have to wonder if Tyco was planning on using the unique molds with new heads again later if the line had continued beyond Series 3 and the Ice Age Series.





The Saurolophus comes with the coolest accessory in the line. Several of the smaller Rulons came with simple traps but the Sauro came with a huge rock that popped open to reveal a hidden gunner. It’s really the standout accessory in the Rulon traps.


It’s another great toy and once again proves why Dino Riders is my all-time favorite toyline. Who couldn’t love dinosaurs with laser guns?

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