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It took us a while to get here but we finally covered all the dinosaurs from Series 1 of Tyco’s Dino Riders. I’ve gone over all the major details like armor and the basic awesomeness of the line as a whole but there’s still plenty you need to see about Series 1 and now we’ve got you fully covered. This piece is loaded with pictures and details we haven’t covered, until now. series1g



All Series 1 dinos came with this mini comic introducing the characters and dinosaurs. Mini comics were once a staple of major toylines but they rarely, if ever, exist anymore.


The last two pages of the comic were used to show off the entire line of dinosaurs from Series 1. The interesting thing is that several of these are shown in their original colors that did not make it onto the final product.


The boxes for Series 1 featured some beautiful painted artwork. All boxes had a front flap covered in the art. The flap could be flipped up revealing a window showing off the dinosaur and figure(s) inside.




The artwork on each package is absolutely stunning and each box does a great job of keeping the toys inside safe while serving the dual purpose of showing off that artwork and the figure inside at the same time.


Series 1 Valorians came with weapons and accessories molded in silver that matched up to their silver and blue dinosaur armor. They included a ladder, a water bag, a bandolier, a laser rifle that clips onto a figure’s arm, a smaller laser pistol that clips on the wrist and the AMP which helped the Valorians communicate with the dinosaurs.

AMP (around figure’s neck)

All accessories fit easily onto the figures except the ladder which is meant for the dinosaurs.


The Rulons had a completely different set of weapons and accessories than the Valorians with the ladder being the only shared piece. Molded in red plastic, the Rulon accessories stood out against the dark grays and purples of their dinosaur weapons and armor.

Figure wearing Shield
Figure wearing Shield

Like the Valorian weapons, all Rulon accessories fit nicely and snugly onto the figures.


There were six Valorian dinosaurs released in Series 1. The Torosaurus was a late entry in the series and missed out on being listed in the mini comic as part of the wave. series1w



All of the Series 1 Valorian dinos have been given a closer look on Doom Kick. Series 1 Valorians


There were also six Rulons released in the first wave of dinosaurs, including the popular T-Rex.

Series 1 Rulons

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6 thoughts on “Dino Riders Series 1

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    July 29, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    Wow, seeing the comic brought back some memories. I think I may still have one in my old comic collection. I wish I had collected more of these at the time, but there was just so many cool toy lines at the time.

    • avatar
      July 29, 2015 at 3:06 pm

      When Dino Riders was out back in the day there was so much great competition with several big name companies all grabbing a piece of the pie. It was a good time for action figure lovers cause the variety and quality was high.
      As for the comic, it’s a fun little read and it gets continued with another mini-comic in Series 2. There’s also a 3 issue mini series from Marvel Comics with a little darker story. I need to cover them on Doom Kick!

      • avatar
        July 31, 2015 at 4:37 am

        You should. I never seen the second series comic.
        It is nice to specialise and have an interest in a small line much like you have with Dino-Riders. I still have an almost complete Bravestarr toy collection, I just need the playset.

        • avatar
          July 31, 2015 at 6:28 am

          I love Bravestarr! Those are some really cool toys.

          • avatar
            July 31, 2015 at 3:37 pm

            Yeah I always loved. I wish they had made the second series of figures with JB etc, the prototypes looked great. Shaman and a Stampede would have been amazing. I have them and just a handful of vintage toys left. I have slowly started collecting again. I got a Young Justice Kid Flash yesterday and a Marvel Legends Thor today.

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