Dino Riders T-Rex (Part 2:A Gallery of Pictures)


I have looked at the big Dino Riders T-Rex here on DK before but I finally got the last two pieces I needed to complete his armor (two red gun tips for the perch at the top) and if anything deserves a second look it’s the awesome Tyrannosaur. I’ve covered the basics in the original piece so expect this one to be full of pictures of my favorite toy ever, the Dino Riders T-Rex.

rex2 rex3 rex4This is easily my single favorite toy, ever. I know the chance of a revival these days is extremely limited because these would be pretty expensive with current toy prices but I can’t wrap my head around the fact that nobody has ever tried bringing Dino Riders back in the past.

rex5 rex6rex7The T-Rex is just absolutely stunning in person. It’s the perfect example of a late 80’s/early 90’s toy.

rex8 rex9 rex10It’s a big, beautiful dinosaur covered in weapons and armor being piloted by aliens. What more could a kid possibly need in a toy?

rex11 rex12 rex13 It should be pretty easy to see why this would top anybody’s toy list. This was my Holy Grail for years and I was not disappointed at all when I finally pieced one together.

rex14 rex15 rex16Things are really adding up here at Doom Kick as far as Dino Riders go and we aim to be your one stop to get a good look at these awesome toys. If you’ve missed anything we’ve covered so far then be sure and catch up!

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5 thoughts on “Dino Riders T-Rex (Part 2:A Gallery of Pictures)

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    March 16, 2015 at 8:48 am

    So cool to see this guy in all his glory! He’s really incredible. Also, congrats for getting so many reviews together from this line. It is really nice to have everything in one place for a vintage line like this.
    Just a suggestion: You really should consider doing either a parts listing section for folks wanting to collect these loose or a Kickstarter funded book project like Phillip Reed does for other lines. I imagine there could be some interest there.

    • avatar
      March 16, 2015 at 6:17 pm

      Thanks! I would love to do a book like Philip does but I lack the patience, time, and skill to get that done. I think a Dino Riders book would be great, however. I agree that I could add some parts lists. Some of the Dinos have a lot of parts and can be tricky to figure out what is missing sometimes. Thanks for that idea!

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