Dino Riders T-Rex Review

When I was a kid I was into dinosaurs big time and I didn’t think any dinosaurs were more awesome than the mighty T-rex. A big tyranosaurus toy was impressive enough but when Tyco took the T-rex and loaded it down with armor and weapons then threw in some aliens to pilot the thing, well that all equaled one great toy.


We all know the T-Rex is fierce enough without adding additional dangers. Just look at that mean mug. Those sharp teeth are controlled by the Rulon brain box which is designed to fit perfectly on the dinosaur’s head. It clips right on and surprisingly feels like it isn’t going on even though it looks like nothing is holding it on. The T-Rex brain box has two large guns, one on each side of the head. This dino is loaded with weapons.


Moving on down below the head is a control station that fits one figure. This station has no guns but it has two large arms that I assume are used to capture the heroic Valorians or smaller dinosaurs that the Rulons want to brain box.


Along each side of the T-Rex armor is a seat for one figure to control a huge gun. There’s one of these guns on each side and they are massive.


The back of the dino has a control station at the too meant for the leader of the Rulons, Krulos (that’s his legs at his station at the top). There is also what looks like a large motor and more guns of course.


The back has another spot for a figure who can control four more guns. The canopy flips up to get to this control station easily.


The T-Rex came with three figures. Pictured left to right above are Cobrus, Krulos, and Bitor. Krulos is the leader of the evil Rulons and is the only figure to have a completely unique design. The other figures are all great but share parts (including heads) in different colors.


Dino-Riders figures are small in size, close to the same scale as M.A.S.K. figures. They are just slightly bigger than modern Ewok figures. The feature swivel necks (except Krulos), swivel shoulder and hips, and hinged knees. It’s pretty decent articulation for such small figures.


The T-Rex itself is huge. It towers over most of the other dinosaurs in the series.


The above pictures are with the vintage 12 inch C-3PO to give you an idea of the size of the Dino-Riders T-Rex. This is one massive and excellent toy. The quality of the plastic is great and the detail on the dinosaur and the armor is top notch. The grays and purple on the armor and weapons really stand out against the T-Rex making this one toy that I’ve needed for years and I have no regrets paying what I did to finally get one of my Holy Grails.
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