Dino Riders: The Art of Terry Thielen


Regular Doom Kick followers know that I am a major fan of Dino Riders. Recently I’ve come across some absolutely amazing Dino Riders art by Terry Thielen. His work encompasses so many great things that I love besides just Dino Riders. A look through his art shows he is a child of the 80’s and a true fan of everything from Saturday Morning Cartoons to classic video games. I may have to show off more of his work in the future but for now I’m sticking to his gorgeous Dino Riders pieces. Ready for a look through the gallery?

inked by R.Z. Williams Esq.

His interpretations of the classic Dino Riders designs is wonderful. These would look great in a modern comic book retelling the story of the Valorians and the Rulons.

inked by R.Z. Williams Esq.

The art is clearly inspired by a real love of the original toyline.


One of my favorite things about Terry’s art is his update of some of the original dinosaurs used in the toyline. Here the deinonychus has been updated with feathers as is becoming more and more the norm for some dinosaurs.


Terry is easy to find on the internet. The easiest place to get in touch with Terry is on Facebook. Just go visit TNThielen Art & Comics on FB and shoot him a message. He’ll get back with you super quick.






Check out the awesome idea Terry had to update an original Dino Riders coloring book with his new, more detailed art. Superb idea in my opinion.





Check out his original creation, mixing Dino Riders with King Kong! This is another brilliant idea straight from Terry’s imagination and brought to the rest of us through his wonderful art.

I already mentioned Terry’s Facebook but the really important link you need is to his Etsy Shop to buy some of his wonderful art. He’s a super talented artist and a huge fan of the subjects he brings to life in his work. You can’t get any better than that!

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