Dino-Riders Torosaurus with Gunnur and Magnus


I’ve been diving right in to Dino-Riders, a personal favorite of mine. Unfortunately only a few DR items survived my childhood and those items are in relatively bad shape so I’ve had to spend some dough to get some nice new pieces but it was definitely worth it. One of the first to arrive on my doorstep is the Torosaurus, one of the dinos I had as a kid. Let’s check him out…IMG_3294

If you remember Dino-Riders then you know how awesome these toys are. The dinosaurs themselves were considered such high quality that they were sold without their armor and electronics in the Smithsonian. These are highly detailed and great looking dinosaurs. Add in the weapons and armor and it equals one of the best toylines ever in my opinion.


The Torosaurus is one of the good guys, a dinosaur aligned with the Valorians. The Valorians used telepathy to befriend the dinosaurs while the evil Rulons used brain boxes to control their minds. Toro here is one of the larger (though definitely not the largest) dinosaurs in the line and features walking action. His legs move him along and his head will move from side to side. He is also the only dinosaur in the line to my knowledge that features light up weapons.  IMG_3296

He’s a huge walking tank with large arms the come out of either side. His armor is a shell that covers a large portion of his body and is covered with what appears to be red laser guns. IMG_3297

The back has a spot for two riders to control more guns as well as a grappling hook that comes off the tail. IMG_3298

Toro isn’t done yet. His armor opens up to reveal even more high tech weaponry with more small lasers and two huge laser cannons.



He looks most impressive with his armor opened up. He’s ready to take on the Rulons!


Dino-Riders is similar to M.A.S.K., Computer Warriors and Bone Age in that there are action figures but they aren’t as cool as the vehicles (or dinos in this case). The Rulons are a little cooler looking but the Valorians are rather bland and boring humans. They serve their purpose fine though, as Dino-Riders.


Gunnur and Magnus fit in the gun pods on the back of the Torosaurus just fine but they do look oddly happy to be manning such powerful weapons. Maybe these guys are a little psychotic.


The figures may not be the focus of these sets but they don’t come empty handed. The each have a set of accessories from a water pouch to a laser gun that fits onto their arms.


Some paint on these accessories could have improved things tremendously but the fact that they even came with weapons and other little tidbits is surprising enough to let that go. The main weapons are on the big dinosaur anyway.


I really love Dino-Riders and that is going to be my main focus for a while in my collection so you guys should expect to see plenty more of Tyco’s excellent dinosaurs right here on DK in the future.

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