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The Dino Riders Triceratops has been long overdue in making its way to Doom Kick. This was the first dinosaur I bought a few years back when I had originally toyed with the idea of collecting Dino Riders. I came across a 50% complete Triceratops at a good price so I picked it up with plans of finishing it and moving deeper into the line. I didn’t continue into Dino Riders until I was forced by water damage to do a complete re-haul of my collection. I cleared out some space specifically for Dino Riders and dove right in but I still kept holding off on completing the Triceratops for another year and a half. Well now I’ve finally picked up the remaining pieces and have a Triceratops to add to my Rulon army. 


The triceratops is one of the larger sized dinos. It’s not massive like the brontosaurus or even as big as the T-Rex but it is one of the bigger dinosaurs in the line. It is covered in guns pointing both forward and back with a gunner ready in both directions as well. There’s even a radar dish on this walking Rulon tank.


Speaking of walking, that’s exactly what the triceratops does. Tyco included action features in some of the dinos and the triceratops was one of the lucky beasts to receive walking action. Just add batteries and turn the power on and watch it slowly walk forward while the head sways from side to side.


I really love the way the triceratops looks when fully decked out. Mine had been looking fairly mediocre for years until I finally completed it.


I’ve stated it before but it bares repeating that I really like the different sizes between the different dinosaurs. It adds variety and helps even the smaller dinos stand out on the shelf because they all look so different. The different sizes may have been purely for marketing reasons by Tyco as they would have wanted smaller/lower priced Dino Riders on store shelves to push the line along and fuel the purchase of the larger/high priced toys but it works great from a display standpoint as well.

Rulon Triceratops vs Valorian Torosaurus

I didn’t have the triceratops as a kid so this was the first time I saw one in all its glory and it’s a great toy to see. I did have the torosaurus, the sister dino to the triceratops as they both share the same body, so I knew what to expect as far as size but I wasn’t expecting it to look so great with so many weapons strapped to the harness.


The triceratops is another welcome addition to the Rulon army and to my Dino Riders collection. I absolutely love these toys.


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